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Donations are essential to help Little Heartbeats provide free PPROM information packs to empower our pregnant mums. 
        (Feel free to either donate a one of donation or feel free to set up a monthly payment)
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Little Heartbeats Non-profit number 10917124

We are a patient advocacy service and we raise awareness of PPROM in pregnancy. (When your waters break before 37 weeks of pregnancy) 

Which causes preterm birth and in some cases baby loss. 

We provide free information care packs to empower women to advocate for their pregnancy care. 


To support mums and families dealing with the condition, to educate staff and to offer advice on the best management plan

  • Our work has helped save babies lives 

  • Provided over 1000 PPROM care packs worldwide

  • Reinstated the RCOG PPROM guidelines and patient leaflets 

  • Provided support to Neonatal parents 

  • Provided support to PPROM loss parents 

  • Funded towards the Ukoss pprom research project

  • Funded towards the Stem cell, reseal the membrane PPROM research project

UCLH Stem Patch Research - to reseal the membranes  

Our aim is to reach 30k for our first project together. Part of the funding has already been raised, and once we reach our target, a stem patch cell project to repair membrane can go ahead, see PDF for more information, 
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