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PPROM Twins,PPROM at 20wks + 2 Days

Mum Karen E Smith story of PPROM

Logan & Zayn Smith Pprom 20+2 Delivered via c section after labour started at 31+6 3 weeks in hospital and are home and well our Rainbow twins story:-

After many years of being unable to get pregnant I was finally blessed with my daughter in 2008 but after a very traumatic birth I decided not to have anymore children. In 2010 I fell pregnant again and inspite of my fear I was excited. At 15 weeks I started bleeding and nobody knew why. 20 week scan was normal and we were over joyed we were having a boy. 4 weeks later my mfm sent me for a scan to check on the bleeding. They told me I had no water around baby and I was admitted to hospital. At 28 weeks I went into labour but the hospital said I wasn't, one error led to another and our sons birth was so badly handled he died 2 days later from a huge brain bleed. We were devastated but always felt Elliot was with us.

I once again vowed never to go through it again and we decided to become foster carers which we enjoyed. In late 2014 inspite of taking contraception I found out I was pregnant again. We were terrified but decide it must have meant to be. My husband joked that it was twins (he already has twins from his 1st marriage). During the scan they told me they had some news for me and I instantly thought the worst. The songrapher told me it was twins. We were happy and scared...we were already high risk before it was twins.

Weeks passed, Drs told me my pprom was a fluke and that it was unlikely to happen again but I still worried all the time. As we passed each week with no bleeding I started to relax a bit and dream that this time we might actually get to bring our babies home. At 20+2 I turned over in the night and felt a gush of fluid, I knew instantly what was happening and as I stood up lots more fluid came out. We went to A & E and were seen straight away. I was given a bedside scan and told my fluid level was fine and I must have wet myself. I told them I had ppromed before and demanded they take me seriously, the Doctor clearly didn't believe me but kept me in to check for pooling and sure enough he confirmed the rupture the next morning. He said he was sorry, but we had almost no chance that our babies would survive and to come back when I started to miscarry.

I put myself on bedrest at home and drank lots of water, ate well and got up only for bathroom and hospital visits. Weeks passed and my fluid was initially on the low end of normal with one of the twins but they were both growing well. Around 24 weeks I had almost no fluid and was having contant braxton hicks and I lived in fear of labour.

I became a regular at the hospital for tests and they were all so surprised I was still going.

At 31+6 labour started suddenly so I went in, they couldnt find one of the twins heartbeats as it was slowing down so I was rushed in for a c section, I heard them say that Zayn wasn't breathing and saw a team ressusitate him and I just kept thinking we were going to lose him (he was the twin who ruptured first.Logan came out crying. The boys were moved to a London hospital so I didnt see them till 2 days later when I got a train to see them, inspite of the pain it was worth it.

Welcome to the World

The boys weighed 3lb 8oz (Zayn) 4lb 1oz (Logan). Zayn needed alot more support but both thrived and 1 week later they moved back to our local hospital. We had a fairly uneventful scbu journey and 3 weeks old the boys came home. Zayn is still slightly smaller and gets poorly easier than Logan but both boys are now 8 months old and meeting milestones. The boys are legends at our local hospital.

I credit knowledge of pprom with this pregnancy and my angel Elliot with the boys survival, where there is life there is hope

Logan & Zayn Smith, Rainbow twins

In Memory of Elliot, Karen's son whom she lost to PPROM In 2010.

Note Our stories are our copyright of our parents.

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