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My story of bulging membranes

My pregnancy was fine up to 23 weeks gestation, it all started with me feeling like I was constipated and I went to the toilet and felt a pop and I could feel my membranes bulging out. I was then rush to Singleton hospital where I was given the steroid injection they told me if I could go today with no contractions they would put a suture stitch in place I went 1 day with no contractions.

On the 16 of March, 6am in the morning the midwife checked me I was fully dilated and she told me that they could no longer stop my labour and would only help my baby Mia if she comes out trying to breathe.

I then spent the next 20 minutes pushing and I was so lucky that my baby Mia was trying to breath when she came out. My little girl was born at 23 weeks 4 days weight 615grams she had 1 layer of skin her eyes was fused shut she had a bleed on both sides of her Brain she had an open PDA on her heart she spent 5 months in NICU.

The first month of her life she had 5 blood transfusion's, 3 infections.

The second month of her life she was taken to Bristol children's hospital where she had a heart operation that took 7 hours. Then she was moved back to Singleton hospital and we found out she had MRSA.

The 3rd month of her life she was taken off the ventilator and put on to a CPAP and she was able to breastfeed she was moved into a crib.

Every week she surprised us and at 4 months old she was on low flow oxygen feeding and a weight of 5lbs.

At 5 months she was able to come home, she stayed on oxygen for a year and half of her life with chronic lung disease but now you would never have known because she is the strongest most independent little girl you will ever meet her name is Mia Louise she was born on 16th March 2013.

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