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PPROM under 23 weeks of pregnancy

When your waters break early

A UK wide study of 368 women who experienced early PPROM
(Preterm Prelabour Rupture of Membranes)
from 16 weeks and 0 days to 22 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy

Conducted September 2019 to February 2021


Why did we have a UKOSS Study?

PPROM UKOSS Part 1 of 2
About this study
Also Attie and Matthew story of PPROM

PPROM UKOSS Part 2 of 2
Ciara's mission on why
this PPROM research is vital

Important considerations

 We had to do a survey to be able to understand what was happening in the UK when women went through PPROM before 23 weeks. To help us learn what was happening and know what research we need to do to help produce patient leaflets and clinical guidelines for the future

  • At the time of the study there were no national best practice recommendations to guide care of women with PPROM under 23 weeks gestation.

  • Future improvements in care could alter outcomes.

  • Follow the link above to see the survey results. 

The following might be helpful to you if you are looking for information and support on PPROM now.

If you are reading this and going through PPROM note that we do provide free PPROM care packs,

apply for one  here:-

Request a 

Patient leaflets see here:-

(Little Heartbeats helped to develop this leaflet)

(note this says from 24 weeks but they are very helpful)


:To join our closed support group on Facebook contact us on Facebook here:-

and private message us for the link

Little Heartbeats Facebook page

‘This research was conducted by the University of Liverpool in collaboration with the UK Obstetric Surveillance System (UKOSS) and Little Heartbeats.

The work was funded by Wellbeing of Women and

Little Heartbeats’


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