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Little Heartbeats Awards 

Passionate and Inspired to make a difference to

PPROM in pregnancy 

The Butterfly Awards 2017 

Little Heartbeats awarded best Support Organisation  2017



Nominated and Shortlisted for Lorraine's Woman of the Year Award  



Nominated for The Halifax Giving Extra Awards  

Review by Liz Fox....


I owe so much to Little Heartbeats...
I PPROM at 17 weeks confirmed by the hospital at 21 weeks. They gave me no hope, no chance that my baby girl would survive. They 
were certain that I’d labour within 72 hours and because my baby wasn’t classed as ‘viable’ would not resuscitate or survive. I was certain my waters had broken earlier and the response was my little girl would be brain dead if this was the case, as my waters had gone so early. Heartbroken I turned to google and found some brilliant success story’s and eventually came across little heartbeats. They gave me something no one else could..... HOPE.


Reading the success stories, speaking with women in similar situations or have previously been through, it was what gave me the fight I needed. I was going to defy all medical professionals and


I would do everything I could to keep her in there as long as possible. Little heartbeats helped me so much, the slightest of worry I had hundreds of women on hand (whatever the time of night) to support and advise me through the toughest of times.


Our Little Miracle made an appearance at 30 weeks, and even then the doctors were adamant I wasn’t in labour when I knew exactly that I was....


Even then the women in the group supported me through the labour and kept me calm in what I can only describe the most scariest day of my life.


Hallie Rae Redfern was born bum first within hours of the doctors telling me I wasn’t in labour weighing 2lb 15oz. She is perfect in every way!


Thank you so much to the team and women that kept me going through what I can only describe as the longest days of my life.

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