To give parents as much information as possible to help make more informed decisions.


Educating and empowering women to understand this condition and the choices available to them should they suffer PPROM.


To offer support to those women throughout their PPROM journeys.


To contribute in the development of professional policies on the improvement of communication skills and bedside manner specifically when dealing with PPROM patients.


To provide hospitals with RCOG literature outlining treatment and choices.


Invest in Specialist Midwives who are trained in PPROM management and related conditions to support women regardless of outcome. 

Our Aims and Mission

Little Heartbeats Affilates Overseas 

We have joined up with the following groups to work together to making an difference 


WD Racing are raising awareness through racing and each year taking our babies names and printing them on their racing car, to highlight the issue of PPROM 

They are also wanting to treat our NICU parents in the USA at Christmas time with gifts and show our parents of premature babies that they are not alone, see their page here with more info 



The American Alliance for PPROM Support USA 

The American Alliance for PPROM support aims to provide resources and support for those who have experienced Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes in their pregnancy and beyond, see their page here with more info