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Little Heartbeats PPROM Presentation 
Professional considerations
Better ways to detect

How information is relayed to the patient, how the negatives are described and the quality of care the patient receives from the team, regardless of outcome, all have to be considered very carefully.



Be prompt in treating the patient. PPROM should be treated as an emergency and not just as the next baby loss.





Remain professional at all times.




Patients should be reassured that their medical team support the decisions they have made.





Remain open to patient suggestions and requests throughout the process.





Be mindful of the the fact that, regardless of outcome, the vast majority of patients are experiencing the unknown and naturally suffering considerable mental anxiety.  


P : Prompt

P : Professional

R : Reassurance

O : Open-minded 

M : Mental well-being 

Listenening to the patient - They are the first clinical symptom. 'Mums know best' rule should apply.  


A patient should not be sent home without an emergency scan. Even a day can make the difference.


The use of new technology

Introducing new tests and/or sanitary pads that detect the waters breaking and any infection present.

However should the patient lose a large percentage of her waters this test is rendered ineffective.

Therefore as a backup, alongside the Group B Strep testing, a swab should also be taken to check for fluids.


Here are the ROCG guidelines for professionals 



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