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In the event of losing a baby

What to expect from the hospital and thinking of your health


In the awful event of losing a baby there is inevitably, despite the traumatic impact, a process that you still need to remain aware of.

You will experience the same labour pains as if you were delivering at full term. You will be assigned a midwife who will manage the process of labour and at the same time be mindful of the circumstances and demonstrate the appropriate support. 

If you were under 24 weeks you may be informed that either you had a spontaneous labour or perhaps a miscarriage. 

Don't be afraid to hold your baby... 

Questions to ask your medical team:

What will labour be like?

What is the procedure and medication for the delivery of the placenta? 

What antibiotic treatments are available?  

What complications might there be? 

Is counselling available? 



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