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PPROM support & awareness helps saves lives. 

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You are helping us to do the following...


Donate for Care Pack's 

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Donate to help us Save more  babies lives 

Little Heartbeats Non-profit number 10917124

We are a patient advocacy service and we raise awareness of PPROM in pregnancy. Which causes preterm birth and in some cases baby loss. 

We provide free information care packs to empower women to advocate for their pregnancy care. 


To support mums and families dealing with the condition, to educate staff and to offer advice on the best management plan

(PPROM is when your waters break before 37 weeks of pregnancy)  

Simply downloading our PPROM song can help raise awareness and funds for our work.

Our work is helping to prevemt baby loss for some mums...


  • Provided over 1500 PPROM information care packs worldwide

  • Reinstated the RCOG PPROM guidelines and patient leaflets 

  • Provided support to Neonatal parents 

  • Provided support to PPROM loss parents 

  • Funded towards the Ukoss pprom research project

  • Funded towards the Stem cell, reseal the membrane PPROM research project

Working hard to raise awareness and funds for a intervention with the research team realing the membranes  

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In memory of our babies who did not get to come home 
with your support we can make a bigger difference 

Thankyou for your donations
Click here to find out how you can fundrasie for team Little Heartbeats
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