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Pioneering research into PPROM in pregnancy before 37 weeks  
Shapening the way we improve women’s health and baby out comes 


Because we need to understand the causes why our waters break early in pregnancy to help us improve and learn the best ways to care for women who endure this high risk pregnancy which leads to preterm birth and in some cases baby losses 

Our ambition

  • Improve women's care for PPROM before 37 weeks 
  • Learn the optimal timing for birth, regardless of the gestation pregnant women PPROM at before 37 weeks of pregnancy. To learn how to prevent women from being very unwell.
  • Learn why some babies survive and why some do not 
  • Prevent baby loss 
  • NICU/Neonatal care - learn how Nitric Oxide can benefit babies impacted by PPROM 
  • To bring our research together to gain education resources 
  • Intervention after the waters have broken 
  • Find out if PPROM can be prevented 
  • Fund more research into best practice for women who PPROM before 24 weeks of pregnancy 
  • To provide emotional support during and after PPROM no matter the outcome
  • Guidelines and patient leaflets for women who PPROM before 24 weeks 

Research projects 

Support Little Heartbeats to achieve more, donate today

Your donation will help us

- to support mums through PPROM
- provide vital PPROM information to women and their families 
- invest in innovative research to find the breakthrough in understanding PPROM in pregnancy 
- find a intervention to reseal the membranes


Together we can make a difference 

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