Typical plans that can be made with your medical team  


A pre-pregnancy plan is a course of action for you to follow the next time you fall pregnant. It will also detail what your medical team will do to minimize the chances of losing a baby. This will be dependent on your medical team and advice given to you at the time of your waters breaking. Also whether your previous baby survived or not will have a bearing on the kind of plan suggested.   



Cervical stitch pre-pregnancy plan as follows -  

* eat healthily ie plenty of fruit and vegetables

* avoid drinking alcohol 

* take a higher dosage of folic acid as prescribed by your consultant

* partake in exercise classes to strengthen core muscles ie Pilates 

* have a stitch placed in at 12 to 14 weeks but no later than 16 weeks

* have a course of two types of antibiotics after the stitch is placed 

* have monthly meetings with your consultant 

* have monthly swabs to check for infection and Group B Strep 

* have all your urine samples sent to the lab rather than just dipped

* If detected, to be treated for Group B Strep as soon as possible

* if placed, the stitch to be removed at around 36 weeks (dependent on your pregnancy)  

Pre-pregnancy plans

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