PPROM Information Packs for our Pregnant PPROM mothers 


PPROM Sticker for your medical notes 


* To show all medical staff you have been confirmed PPROM 


* A tick list, to ensure you had everything from being offered a course of antibiotics, scan, steroids, discussion on the risks to PPROM, tested for group b strep and neonatal discussion


Why do we send out our PPROM packs? 


  • Mums and dads expecting their babies where PPROM is involved want to know more about their condition 

  • To ensure our parents are empowered to having the knowledge to discuss their pregnancy with the medical professionals

  • To have a comfort mascot to let them know they are not alone and regardless of their journey endings have their baby's heartbeat forever recorded or to record their song to remind them of their baby and a PPROM journal, the reason for this is to keep note of events on their PPROM journey. Relaxation Adult colouring book to help them relax and de-stress. 


PPROM packs consist of; 

  • Wristbands (we only send these to UK mums, we need investment to send to USA & Australia) 

  • Sticker for Medical notes. 

  • Relaxation Adult Colouring Book with Colouring Pencils 

  • PPROM journal & pen 

  • Heartbeat Animal to record baby heartbeat or a song which reminds them of their baby. 

  • PPROM information

We send PPROM information packs throughout UK & Worldwide Free of charge to our mums dealing with a PPROM pregnancy.


Who is eligible: For all pregnant mothers who have had PPROM confirmed 


  • Please confirm gestation you have PPROM at and if know your AFI / amniotic fluid levels. 


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or via private message by our open Facebook page  www.facebook.com/PpromAwarenessUK/


If you can help us keep this promise and help maintain this mission, please either share our giving page or donate towards our packs here,  www.gofundme.com/ppromawareness or by PayPal 


To date, we have sent the following packs


UK - 109 packs 

USA: 57 Packs 

Australia 9 packs 

Canada: 3 packs 

South Africa: 1 pack

Our Little Heartbeats Mascot

You can either:

  • record your baby heartbeat

  • record a song to remind you of your baby

  • record your voice for baby to hear while you away from neonatal

  • Watch our video, below for how these work.

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We wish to publish these experiences in the hope that others may better educate themselves.

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However, to reiterate, for official current guidelines follow the link to the RCOG leaflet.


All pregnant women should seek advice from their midwives and consultants.

Always report and discuss any medical worries you might have and be sure you are content with the care you receive. 

If you do have any concerns about the care, support or advice delivered you can seek a second opinion as to

whether your care package is suitable for you.


Check your notes are always up to date. If in doubt, ask.


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