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Little Heartbeats Reviews

Our reviews from families we have supported over the years. 

"a little bit of kindness goes a long way ​"


Sabrina Bryson reference 


I found that you helped me massively when I was going through my waters going at 16 weeks into my pregnancy with my daughter Lilly.


It was a whirlwind of emotions and I just didn't know what to think let alone understand any of it as this was the first I had heard about any of this kind of thing. You explained things to me much clearer than the health professionals and gave me questions to ask the doctors and midwives about tests and other opinions etc which I would never have even thought of.


Unfortunately at 18 weeks I gave birth to my Lilly-mae and I don't think I could have gotten through that horrendous time in my life if it wasn't for the support of you and family and friends, family and friends were great but didn't understand any of what I was going through, instead could only imagine and sympathise in the best way they could. But you knew how I felt and had answers to some of the questions I had to ask. You were there in the loneliest hours through the night and all through the day as well .


When I got pregnant again 3 years later with my daughter Milà my waters had ruptured at around 30 weeks and I went into an instant panic, I kept going in and out of labour and yet again you were here and gave me things to ask about and tests as well .


However, I had my little girl at 33 weeks and all is all well with her she truly is my rainbow.


But I am so thankful to you and all the work, time and effort you put into this whole non-profit.


Carry on doing your amazing work and even through the hard times when you struggle to get the support please keep putting it out there and helping these women and men because the work you do honestly is needed and appreciated by all who have to go through this emotional time.

Passionate and Inspired to make a difference to

PPROM in pregnancy 

Fay Dearnley reference 


My Story of PPROM

At my first scan at 6 weeks, I was told I that had a large subchorionic hematoma (sack of blood next to amniotic sack) and that I would likely miscarry. At 7 weeks, I had another scan and Drs were amazed that the baby still had a heartbeat and was moving around. However, I was offered a termination as they said that it's highly likely I would lose the baby, which I refused. Our previous baby was stillborn due to unknown reasons and we were not prepared to give up on this baby.


I had heavy bleeding from 13 weeks onwards, due to the hematoma and was told that my pregnancy "wasn't meant to be" by one Dr. At 14 and 17 weeks, I was told the hematoma had got bigger and that I was at risk of Pprom and again advised to terminate. At 19 weeks 5 days, my waters broke (Pprom) and I was offered a termination and told that the baby's kidneys would not develop properly. Again I refused. I was then admitted to hospital for 5 days, for IV antibiotics. I was told there was an 85% chance that I would go into labour within 2 days, and 90% within the subsequent 2 weeks.


At 24 weeks (viability) I received steroid injections and was admitted to the hospital the following day. I received a lot of IV antibiotics, and was regularly monitored including my observations baby's heartbeat and weekly scans.


At 27 weeks, I was taken to the labour ward due to even heavier blood loss, but I was only there for one day. My infection markers were regularly tested via blood test and the Drs were quite surprised that I didn't develop an infection.


At 29 weeks, I went into spontaneous labour and my baby was delivered by emergency C-section.


My baby was born breathing, but was ventilated for 24 hrs then put on CPAP. My baby is now nearly 9 months old, and is doing well with no health issues.


Little Heartbeats gave me hope during the 6 weeks that I spent in hospital.


The Pprom stories helped me to stay positive when the odds seemed against us.

Review by Liz Fox....


I owe so much to Little Heartbeats...
I PPROM at 17 weeks confirmed by the hospital at 21 weeks. They gave me no hope, no chance that my baby girl would survive. They 
were certain that I’d labour within 72 hours and because my baby wasn’t classed as ‘viable’ would not resuscitate or survive. I was certain my waters had broken earlier and the response was my little girl would be brain dead if this was the case, as my waters had gone so early. Heartbroken I turned to google and found some brilliant success story’s and eventually came across little heartbeats. They gave me something no one else could..... HOPE.


Reading the success stories, speaking with women in similar situations or have previously been through, it was what gave me the fight I needed. I was going to defy all medical professionals and


I would do everything I could to keep her in there as long as possible. Little heartbeats helped me so much, the slightest of worry I had hundreds of women on hand (whatever the time of night) to support and advise me through the toughest of times.


Our Little Miracle made an appearance at 30 weeks, and even then the doctors were adamant I wasn’t in labour when I knew exactly that I was....


Even then the women in the group supported me through the labour and kept me calm in what I can only describe the most scariest day of my life.


Hallie Rae Redfern was born bum first within hours of the doctors telling me I wasn’t in labour weighing 2lb 15oz. She is perfect in every way!


Thank you so much to the team and women that kept me going through what I can only describe as the longest days of my life.

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