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Why support our work?

At our heart we are a non-profit organisation, hoping to soon become a charity in our own right. We are striving to raise awareness.


Thus by being non-profit enables us to join forces with other more established charities. We therefore will have a number of fundraising  Just Giving pages linked to various organisations. These pooled donations will be earmarked to fund a ground-breaking pre-term birth project.


We believe that more needs to be done to help prevent PPROM. This ultimately lies in education. 

Women need to be aware of the signs to look for; to recognise potential infection and gain an understanding of the changes the body undergoes.


Our aim therefore is for information on PPROM and treatment thereof, to be accessible to as many women as possible. 


Knowing the correct procedures to follow should PPROM occur, we believe, would naturally inform the decision-making process. Knowledge of the facts and reading the stories of others can only be of benefit, regardless of outcome. It is no surprise then that we believe that every baby deserves the best possible treatment at the most crucial of times. By investing in us, we aim to provide the printed resources for parents facing this utterly life-changing experience. And equally of course, your money will help in researching into why PPROM occurs.


All money raised from donations and the goods sold in our Facebook selling page ( Full online shop coming soon ) will go towards the above, please support us in our campaign and help parents like us make it a better more understanding journey.


As stated at the beginning we are hoping to become a charity in our own right. However to do that we need to raise £5000. We have our own line of merchandise and a part of what we raise from sales of these go toward our goal of raising the funds needed to get established charity.


We will still work alongside other charities such as the UCLH, who provide the specialist research projects into PPROM, which is a cause of premature birth. 


We all know that medical science is an ever-advancing process and that the research provided by many charities has proven that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel and that change and progress is possible. 


(PPROM is the acronym for Preterm Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes).







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