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Baby loss stories of our baby's gone too soon 
We feel that sharing our stories will help others to talk about their losses and that they will not feel alone 
Virginia Jessie Stewart story
PPROM Suspected at 24 weeks 5 days, Kai born at 22 weeks 5 daya
Born in the USA


Our sweet angel Kai was born at 24 weeks and 5 days gestation weighing 1lb 9oz.


Previous to his arrival he survived in the womb 2 weeks with very limited amniotic fluid. About 2% of women experience what is called PPROM which is a premature rupture of the membranes also known as their water breaking.


There is no solid explanation as to why it happens but it can cause prematurity to occur. Which is what happened to me during my pregnancy with Kai. Unfortunately, since he came to soon it didn't give his lungs enough time to mature and develop.


Thankfully to the advances that had been made from 30 years ago our son had a fighting chance. Kai defied odds despite having a traumatic delivery into this world.


During the C-Section they discovered that the placenta had ruptured by 40% and Kai was basically beginning to drown in the blood. After surviving that experience Kai began to fight very hard for his life and showed great signs of survival.


At the beginning of this year January Kai's lungs suddenly began to take a turn for the worst. The doctors gave him every medicine in the book to try and open up his airway but no medications seemed to be working. He was placed on several ventilators to help him breathe and one seemed to help for the time being. After several tests were made they later discovered he had a bacterial growth on the lower lobes of his lungs and had caused him to develop a pneumonia. It was finally an answer as to why he went from being well to all the sudden critically sick.


The bacteria found was something that normally wouldn't attack a baby and that had the doctors puzzled. Kai fought hard for 39 days but towards the end the infection took the best of his very tiny lungs . For many nights we spent countless of hours sitting in a small wooden chair in his room. We did not want to leave his side because how sick he was. We didn't even want to go down the street to get food let alone drive home and sleep without him with the fear we would get a bad phone call and not make it to him on time. Luckily the hospital was able to let us stay in their only room available that was normally used for parents that were about to go home with their baby.


We slept there for 3 nights when suddenly on Jan 20 we would wake up not knowing it was the last time we would see him. He had actually had a good two nights and was showing signs of improvement but life in the NICU is lived minute by minute hour by hour.


We went to his room at 8am talked to him and even sang to him . Shortly after he suddenly started slipping away before our very own eyes. All his doctors and nurses rushed in and tried to revive him as we prayed in a small corner of his room. By 9:05am our little warrior took his last breath and left to his heavenly home. He was 30 weeks old. In his honor we have created his foundation.


The South Miami NICU team fought very hard for Kai and we will always be very grateful we were able to spend 39 days with him. We want more parents to have the opportunity and be there in the last moments with their tiny warriors if they shall perish. We would also like to provide the parents with hot meals and small care packages that they may need in their stay at the NICU.


Thank you for your time.



Aprile Bohm (ajay) story
PPROM Suspected at 16weeks, Joshua born at 26 weeks 2 daya
Born in the USA

I found out I was pregnant for the fourth time I was so excited!!! I have 3 girls and my pregnancies were awesome and had no complications. So I had no idea any other pregnancy would be different boy oh boy I was wrong!!!


My water broke at 16 weeks... I go to the hospital (grayling Michigan) and they say I have a UTI so my doctor told me to get over the counter Monistat.... So I do that.... They did not tell me my water broke and they did not even check.


I find out at 19 weeks we are having our first boy!!!! But my water was a little low "not enough to be worried about" so that night I fully rupture and I go back to the hospital because I was bleeding....


They, of course, do a bedside ultrasound...


There was no water in there... My doctor was very pushy on aborting the baby.......


I refused it I felt as if I needed to research and find out on my own.


I was beside myself because this was my first boy and I never thought this would happen to me. I get on Facebook and find some PPROM support groups.


I found the most helpful one was PPROM losses. Because I was able to be realistic and see how everyone coped and felt with it so I kinda could be ready. I heard some success stories but I didn't want to fill my head with doubt. The girls on there were so reassuring and caring.


I kept up and my doctor referred me to a specialist they then told me about viability and steroids that hospital was so awesome they were learning as I was! Saginaw covenant hospital treated me amazing! I was at home and I was cramping pretty bad every seven mins so we went in.


I was now 26 weeks and 2 days...

I was so scared the only people I had to turn to were my new friends who knew what I was going through in my PPROM group on Facebook!


We then did an emergency c section.


My Joshua Luzadas Jr. Was born 2lbs 2oz and was perfect to me!!!!


He was allowed to stay with me for 9 hours before God took him home...


I am always asking questions and no doctors can answer my questions but the ladies I have met in the support group have!!!!


RIP September 28, 2015, he was my everything!


And to find out.... My baby's life all depended on my miss treated UTI! Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story.


Aprile Bohm


Steffanie Dearing story of PPROM 
PPROM at  16weeks  days. Cory Leigh born at  20 weeks  
Born in USA


Cora Leigh my sweet angel! Bv came roaring into my life about 14 weeks. I've never had BV so I never knew what to look for. I started researching and realized that symptoms I was having were a lot like what I was reading. At first, I was almost embarrassed! Embarrassed to tell my husband embarrassed to talk to my doctor. Then I read how common it is, and went and got tested. Sure enough, I was right. Being reassured that it was so common there would be no complications I carried on with my life. 16 weeks,water started leaking. Was brushed off many times. I have never actually felt my water broke. With my daughter, I was induced and they broke it for me. I just knew what I was feeling again wasn't right. 18 weeks only a small pocket left. 1.4 cm left to be exact. The fight was on. I was told by everybody to terminate! this I would not do. 19 weeks started passing large blood clots. High risk said I would either be going into labor or my placenta would be ripping away from the wall. 19+6 weeks another blood clot,huge. I raced to labor and delivery. They turned me away���� I was 1 day shy of 20 they wouldn't see me I had to be 20. They told me to go to the ER I had already been to the ER three times coming into a total of $800 almost, and with no help.. I made the decision I'll always regret and I went home. 330 am 20 weeks full blow labor. Raced to the Er she was on her way. By the time I got up to labor and delivery I was at 8 dilated. My little lady was born May 16th 2016 at 945 am. Alive,moving and trying to Breath. She passed away at 1130. She fought hard to meet me. She is my fighter!!!

Peggy Bohn story of PPROM 
PPROM at  17weeks  4days. Liam Thomas Hurley born at  19 weeks 1day  
Born in USA


My PPROM story, June 14,2015

I found out I was pregnant and August 22,2015 and I found out I was having a little boy!! I was almost halfway thru the pregnancy everything was going perfectly nothing could go wrong I thought.

I went to bed the night of September 15,2015 everything going great and woke up the morning of September 16,2015 to my worst nightmare my water had broke and I was only 17w4d.  I went to the doctor and they confirmed my water had broke and they sent me to a High Risk Doctor.


Every appointment I went to they told me there was no fluid and all the horrible things that could happen and ask me if I just wanted to end the pregnancy.  But there was no way I was going to give up on my little boy his heart was still beating strong and he was still moving around like crazy if he was meant to go it would happen on its own.


Well he held on strong for 12 days, Even though those were the scariest days of my life I still took that time to cherish every time. I heard his heartbeat and every time I felt him move cause I knew at any time that could be the last time.


That still never prepared me for when I found out I was in labor and I was going to have him and they would not do anything to try to save him cause he was to small I was only 19w1d.


That was the most horrible day of my life cause I knew the moment he came into this world that I had to say goodbye to him and I wasn't ready.  


My son has changed me forever and I will spend the rest of my life missing him but I am still proud to be the mommy of that perfect little angel.


My son story of PPROM, Stillborn but still loved

Video in memory of my son Liam Thomas Hurley born September 27,2015




Peggy Bohn
Life after PPROM 


The pain I felt after losing Liam was blinding, there was nothing I could do to save my son.. the one thing every mother is supposed to do is protect her child and my body did not allow me to do that and I was so angry at my body for that. I had to leave out of the hospital with just a box of his things and come home without him.

The pain was crippling and I didn't want to go out into the world, I didn't want to smile or laugh, I shouldn't be allowed I failed my son.


I felt guilty for the fact that life had to go on. I didn't leave my house or my couch for 2 months.. being out in the World hurt too much, seeing babies hurt, anything to do with pregnancy hurt, everything hurt.


Then a few months later I realised I was able to get up and even smile now and then.


I realised that Liam wouldn't want his mama to live that way. The pain is always going to be there and I'm always going to miss him but it's no longer a crippling pain.


Not a day goes by that I don't think about him and feel proud to be the mom of an angel but the pain no longer consumes me I am able to truly be happy and not feel guilty.



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