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Baby loss stories of our baby's gone too soon 
We feel that sharing our stories will help others to talk about their losses and that they will not feel alone 
Samantha PPROM story
PPROM at 19 weeks and 3 days. David born at 29 weeks + 6 days
Born in the UK
Born July 2021

Our beautiful little Warrior. David Thomas.

All was going well in our 4th pregnancy, it was an unexpected surprise but the best kind. We had our 12 week scan and everything looking well. We also had an extra scan at 16 weeks as we had sadly lost our second son Edward when he was six months old due him being born with complex needs.

On the morning of me being 19+3 weeks I was sat with our youngest Arthur and I felt a gush of water and I knew my waters had broken, I feared the worst and couldn't understand why this could happen so soon. My husband rushed me straight to our local maternity unit and they confirmed my worst fears. We were told there was not a good chance of survival and that I would probably give birth in 48hrs or miscarry, and that it would be best to terminate to save us further pain.

We told them our baby still had a heartbeat and we had every faith in God that what would be would be, and we wished to carry on.

I got through the first 72hrs and no labour. We had weekly scans from then on and our little baby continued to push on without any fluid around him. I got to 22+3 weeks and started to bleed heavily again I feared we had lost our battle. We went straight back to maternity and had a breath of realive when we heard the heartbeat. I continued to bleed on and off and my local maternity unit decided they were not equipped to deal with the pregnancy and I was transferred to St Marys in Manchester which is a level 3 maternity and nicu unit.

We continued on and the staff were amazing, I spent 5 weeks on the ward, had regular scans and fantastic support throughout. They explained that due to lack of fluid there was still a chance our baby wouldn't survive but the further we got the better it would be.

I made it to 29+6 weeks when I was rushed to theatre for an emergency c-section as our baby wasn't doing well. It turned out i had a severe infection that for some reason I had not shown any signs and I lost 2.5 litres of blood during surgery.

I felt awful but I was told that we had a baby boy and he had survived dealivery. He was born on the 15th of July 2021 they took him straight to nicu and i had to come round from surgery before we could see him.

We were told that unfortunately it wasn't over yet they struggled to get the smallest ventilation tube down and that there seemed to be obstructed and had to take him to surgery when he was only a few hours old. It turned out he had a webbing in his windpipe which they managed to break through it and get the tube down.

We finally got to meet him and we named him David Thomas. He was so tiny and fragile but he was beautiful, he defied so many odds so we nicknamed him our little Warrior. We had 13 beautiful, precious days with him he passed away in our arms on the 28th of July.

Unfortunately his lungs just didn't develop enough and there was nothing more they could do for him, they did everything and we felt we give him every chance to know how much he is loved.

We had him baptized a few days before he left us as it was important to us as chirstians, our minster did a lovely small service next to his incubator, we thank the staff for allowing us to do this.

We sad our final good byes this Tuesday 10th of August. Even though we sadly lost him, we still were blessed enough to have David for a short while and I wouldn't change it for the world.

We will remember you forever our little Warrior, we will meet again in the kingdom of heaven.

Love you Mummy, Daddy, William and Arthur xxxx


Samantha told our team....

Your website, your group help me through a difficult time and it was a great support to hear other peoples survival story's as well as reading the sad ones too.

I never imagined my waters could go so early but I am glad we carried on, even if we only had him for a short while.

Thank you gor accepting my story and for the support your group has given me.

Our beautiful daughter Lux

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