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Faris, Tales of a Miracle 
Written by Davinia Watson 


So here I am Davinia Watson, a proud mummy to 2 beautiful boys, 1 of which is a miracle baby. I am also a wife, a high-powered business woman, a woman fighting to raise awareness of PPROM (Preterm, premature, rupture of membranes) and on the whole I just LOVE LIFE and am grateful for all things good and bad!


After embarking on the most horrendous journey of our lives in 2016 which left me fighting for my son's life I decided I will live life for the moment, create memories for my children and family and reevaluate my mindset.


“Where there is a heartbeat there is hope”

I have lots of things that I would like to share with the world and find that by blogging / social media I can do this in a creative way and hopefully help, support and inspire others. I hope that you enjoy reading through my various blogs.


Life of our PPROM miracles, Our Families personal blogs


Follow our PPROM families stories of life after PPROM 



Leo, Tales of a Miracle 
Written by Emma Law 

I'm Emma. I'm a New Zealand actress, model, vlogger & mummy to two amazing little boys, Nixon & Leo.


My first baby, Nixon, was a full term, drug-free, quick & calm water birth so when my second pregnancy came around and my waters broke at 27 weeks pregnant I was completely clueless as to what was happening.  Living in the hospital constantly monitored for PPROM while Nixon was at home without his mummy was not what I was expecting for my pregnancy.


Things only got worse when I experienced the trauma & shock of a cord collapse resulting in being put straight under general anaesthetic & having an emergency C-section birth.  Waking up no longer being pregnant and without my baby anywhere in sight was a very scary, confusing moment that I will never forget.


My little fighter, Leo Carter Searle had entered the world and I had no idea how strong and amazing he would be. He just turned 1 year old & is the happiest, cutest big boy you'll ever meet.


Check out my Video Logs to hear our story & to keep up with my weekly life as a performer & a mum


Emma Law Vlogs - YouTube Channel Page:



Caseys journey home  
Written by  Karen Evans 

When I found out I was pregnant with my 4th child it was a complete shock as I had just had an iud placed a few weeks prior for the treatment of severe endometriosis. From that point on I had a lot of bleeding and spotting off and on but was reassured over and over this could just be normal for me for this pregnancy. At 20 weeks and 2 days as I was sleeping in my bed I rolled over and felt a pop and a gush. I prayed that I had peed my pants! My water broke with my previous 3 pregnancies so I knew this feeling was not urination. I continued to leak throughout the night and in the morning we headed to the hospital, to meet with a midwife (and her student) whom I had never met. We were told the fern test was inconclusive but they were pretty sure it was my water and they were sorry for our loss. We lost hope in that moment and were sent home devastated. We began to research and through Little Heartbeats website it became apparent there was hope. We decided to take each day hour by hour and if I was good and baby was good, we would continue on. This would go on for the next 5 weeks. I was admitted to hospital at 23 weeks after an awful night of cramping and bleeding. I had awful bleeding until my girls arrival at 25+2. She arrived 17 minutes after the OB checked me and announced I was 3cm dilated. We spent 114 days in the NICU, 5 weeks on the vent, PDA ligation at 8 days old and 680g. I cannot put into words all the emotions we went through and are still struggling with, but what I can tell you is there is hope. Cassandra Grace born Oct 30, 2016 at 25 weeks +2 days weighing 708g and 11" long. "Though she be but little, she is fierce"





PPROM, VBAC and Prematurity
Written by  Emma Reed 


I'm Emma a Mum of two beautiful boys who couldn't have had more different entrances into this world.


Jake was an easy pregnancy with no complications until I went into labour and after 25 hours I required an emergency c-section to deliver him... on Christmas day!


William was born in November 2017 at just 32 weeks gestation after some difficulties in my pregnancy including two bleeds, loss of my mucus plug, the diagnosis of Group B Strep followed by PPROM at 30 weeks. As a blogger, I have always documented what is happening in our lives and have maintained an honest and open front in the hope that I can reach out and help just one other person going through the same things.


I also find writing therapeutic especially during those lonely days spent in NICU.

To read my PPROM story click on the photo to follow my blog and follow us on instragram to keep up with updates:

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