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Success stories of little blessings against the odds  
Ashley Estrada Godinez story of PPROM
PPROM at 17 weeks confirmed at 19 weeks. Arlene Guadalupe Garcia born at 27 weeks 6 days 


Lives in USA


On April 22,2015 I had a appointment with my gynecologist and I had been leaking water so I asked him and he said its watery discharge without even checking or anything.


I went home thinking everything was okay. On may 6 ,2015 I went to get a ultrasound to find out the gender of my baby instead I found out my waters had went. I was told to terminate my pregnancy because I can have more "normal" pregnancies because I'm still a teen. She was given a 0% chance of survival.


The best option was to terminate according to them and for a second I was about to until I found this group and started reading what is pprom and how many babies are surviving. I went back to the hospital and told them I was keeping this baby. My baby has a heartbeat I'm going to keep fighting with her. She is going to decide what will happen and what she wants.


I switched hospitals to get a second opinion was given the option to keep my baby and get addmited at 23 weeks. I was only 19 weeks so I had to wait 4 weeks at home. They told me your baby can pass anytime at home and we can't do anything about it I wish we can. I went home and put my self on bed rest drank a ton of water, no sex, nothing inside of me. At 21 weeks I got a ultrasound and my waters went from 0 - 7.1.


I found out I was having a little girl. Finally 23 weeks I went to the hospital 8am they told me I didn't need to get admitted anymore because my waters were 7. Got a ultrasound just to be sure the hole resealed and I had 0 waters. I got a round of steroids and I got admitted. At 24+3 weeks I bled heavy like if I had my period. I got a ultrasound for a second they couldn't find a heartbeat but they eventually did. I got sent up to l&d I was they for 4 days and it was just a scare.


They never knew why I bled but after that my leaking of fluid turned pink. I received another round of steroids at 25 weeks because they knew baby would come any day. 


They told me if baby is born 25+ weeks 60% survival & 28+ weeks 90% survival. The goal for everybody was 28 weeks. @27+6 weeks


I bled again. They didn't want to risk it anymore because they said I can be in danger as well. They told me its time to meet your princess. It was the most scariest experience because I didn't know what the outcome was going to be. They prepped me for a c section because of bleeding. At 12:08 pm she came into this world & she cried !! I got to kiss her and she went straight to NICU. She stayed there for 118 days. The NICU is a rollercoaster ride. Some good days some bad, but the key is to never give up. On November 2,2015 she came home.


They told us we are one in a million,
we believe with the right care more can follow
Cheree Ritter
PPROM at 15 weeks. Asher Nathaniel Ritter born at 30 weeks
Lives USA 


We found out we were pregnant on Christmas Eve of 2014. We were so excited and hoping to have our first boy since we have three little girls already. When we went to her first doctor's appointment are ob/gyn talk to us about doing the maternity21 test.


For some odd reason we chose to do the test. We never did with our other kids but this time was different and we don't know why. Our OB GYN told us it would take 10 days to get the test back. Until then we were already packing for a trip to Arizona. The day we got to Arizona and I got off the plane I had a missed call from my doctor. She told me I need to call her right away. When I called her she stated we were having a boy but there are complications.


It looks like our son had 47 XYY or as they call it Jacob syndrome. Which means our son has an extra chromosome. She told me as soon as I landed back in Nebraska I need to go get an amniocentesis. We chose to do the test because we had one done with our oldest and it went fine.


We did not expect to be one of the 3% of it going wrong. Well it did. After amniocentesis I went home and two days later I started to have fluid. We went to see the high-risk doctor and found out I broke my waters at 15 weeks. He told us to prepare for us to have a miscarriage that the baby probably would not make it. He said if the baby does survive he will probably have very bad lung issues. He also gave us the option to terminate the baby.


We felt that was not an option for us. We would do whatever we had to help make him survive. So the next plan was to stay on home bed rest until 24 weeks. We got home bed rest until 23 weeks and got admitted into the hospital. That is when I received steroid shots for the babies lungs and antibiotics to help prevent infection.


They were hoping to keep Asher in the womb until 34 weeks. Asher decided to make his debut at 30 weeks due to placenta abruption. I was on hospital bed rest for 56 days.


Asher then was in the NICU for 61 days. He was 3 pounds 11 ounces. He also was not breathing when he made his way into the world they had to resuscitate him. He was on the ventilator then went to the CPAP machine. He could not pass his car seat study nor could he not be without oxygen. We found out he ended up with the grade 2 brain bleed, an arachnoid cyst on the brain, bronchial pulmonary dysplasia, 47xyy/Jacobs syndrome, congenital vertical talus, they also believe he has PVL and a tethered spinal cord. He is finally home with no oxygen and he has finally passed his carseat study.


After everything that has happened to us in 2015 you think I would want to change it but I don't. All I can say is I am so happy God let my miracle live. He melts my heart every single day. There is nothing in this world I would ever change about him.Had a c-section at 32+1. Nil fluid in my scans. Baby's lungs were 100% fine. No help needed at all to breath. Just make sure the hospital is a level 3 nicu. 

Kristen Mckenna 
PPROM at 19 weeks. Charlee Zane Mckenna born at 29 weeks 6 days 
Lives USA 

I had a full pprom at exactly 19 weeks spontaneously with no known cause. Was told to terminate because we would never make it to viability and if we did her lungs wouldn't develop without fluid.


Did 4 weeks of strict bed rest at home. Only got up to shower, use the restroom and go to my weekly doctors appointments. Was admitted to hospital at exactly 23 weeks (viability in the United States).


I had my first round of steroids upon admittance and my second round at 27 weeks. Spent an additional 7 weeks on hospital bed rest and never had more than 1.85 cm of fluid since the rupture.


At 29 weeks 6 days infection started to kick in and I was induced.


I was able to have a vaginal birth and my miracle was born as feisty as ever on October 1st 2015 weighing 3 pounds 6 ounces. She was ventilated for 24 hours, on cpap for 48 hours, and spent an additional 5 days on nasal cannula.


After 7 days she was completely breathing on her own without any assistance. Spent 42 days in the NICU with no major issues besides eating and apnea spells. Her lungs were able to develop and she has no issues with them whatsoever.


We have been home now almost 8 weeks and my munchkin has no issues except reflux. She is now almost 10 pounds and growing like a weed.



Cara Baltazar 
PPROM at 28weeks. Elysia born at 30 weeks 3 days 
Lives Colorado 

January 17, 2015 my water broke when I was only 28 weeks pregnant.


When the nurse confirmed it was PPROM (Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes) she told me I wouldn't leave the hospital until I had the baby. I was put on a three day magnesium drip to stop labor, antibiotics to fight off infection, and had two steroid shots to kickstart Elysia's little lungs.


After the first three days, I moved to the women's wing where I stayed on bed rest at the hospital for two weeks. I was thankful for every day on bed rest, but it was very difficult with a one and a half year old at home and being a kindergarten teacher who had not written any substitute plans!


I had hints of an infection and small contractions about 2 weeks after rupture so we went ahead with the c-section. Elysia was frank breech so I wasn't able to try a vbac.


(My first born was full term but an emergency csection as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.)


Elysia was born when I was 30 weeks 3 days, she weighed 3 lbs 3 oz and was 15 inches long. We live in Colorado so the altitude made it difficult for her little lungs on top of being premature. She needed cpap for a few days and oxygen for six months. Elysia spent 53 days in the NICU and her biggest challenge was bottle feeding and a slight case of reflux.


She started breastfeeding at 39 weeks right after she came home and is still nursing at almost 12 months. She's a big girl now weighing 19 lbs, crawling, and pulling to a stand!


She has done absolutely amazing this year! Some days were really hard during bed rest and her NICU stay but I always tried to keep a positive outlook and leaned on my faith.


Preemies are such strong babies!



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