The American Alliance for pProm Support was started in 2013 by Erin and James Thatcher of Colorado. In March 2012 at 12 weeks pregnant Erin's water broke (pProm) with baby B of twins. They lasted 104 days or 15 weeks without amniotic fluid and delivered via c-section after going into labor naturally at 27 weeks. Baby B, James, was born screaming but was transferred to a higher level NICU in central Denver a few hours after birth for high frequency ventilation and nitric oxide treatment.


Twins Maisie and James spent 83 and 124 days in the NICU respectively, had eight surgeries between them and had hospital bills totaling over $3.7 million dollars. They have overcome more in their short lives than some encounter in a whole lifetime. They are currently home and thriving, and have a blog chronicling the adventures of the Little Dragons.


Following the twin's birth and homecoming, Erin continues to assist those going through pProm by mentoring women in a National online Support Group onBabyCenter. Recognizing the need for a more specific and focused organization directed towards Advocacy, Partnerships, and Registry; this organization was born.

The American Alliance for PPROM

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All pregnant women should seek advice from their midwives and consultants.

Always report and discuss any medical worries you might have and be sure you are content with the care you receive. 

If you do have any concerns about the care, support or advice delivered you can seek a second opinion as to

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