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Googling PPROM 

Googling PPROM: Preterm Prelabour Rupture of the Membranes: A systematic review of patient information available on the internet

What happens when you search for patient information
for PPROM on the internet

We know that patients use the internet as a source of healthcare information. We also know that information online is often low quality. 

We looked to find all online information for the public about PPROM (Preterm Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes) that is written in English.


We then looked at how clearly written, accurate, reliable and high quality it was. We took into account what women who had experienced PPROM would consider important to know when doing this.

We found 31 different pieces of information about PPROM. Of these three were highly accurate and high quality. Most information was low quality. All information was difficult to read.

We hope to use this study to improve highlight the need for improved information for patients and their families who have PPROM.

Two examples of accurate information we found are seen by


1. The RCOG patient information leaflet.

Little Heartbeats helped to to write this leaflet and our website already has a link to it see here;-


(Little Heartbeats linked to the RCOG in case of any updates to the guidelines in which our team helped reinstated and produced) 

2.  Waters breaking early (PPROM) | Tommy's (


If you are reading this and going through PPROM note that we do provide supply free PPROM care packs, see our link here to apply for one 


To join our closed support group on Facebook contact us on Facebook here:-

These might be helpful to you if you are looking for information about PPROM just now.

Full research paper can be read here:- 

Emily Mariie Bump.jpg

(Emily Mariie featured here
during her PPROM journey )

(Hannah featured here
during her PPROM journey )

Megan explains in more details what this means 

Article written on behalf of Little Heartbeats @copyrights Little Heartbeats website 

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