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How to donate to Little Heartbeats

To donate to Little Heartbeats work you can give to either

Raisely giving page,

Or direct to Little Heartbeats bank'-

  • Bank Transfer: Sort code: 77-71-01 Account number: 6958 7260

More information about our work

Our Website here,

Helps pregnant women who are going through PPROM the knowledge about their condition and to show them stories of hope of surviving babies and not forgetting the babies who we have loss as sometimes these can help us prevent baby loses. As long as our pregnant mums are symptoms free they can choose to continue their pregnancies.

Care packs

We have now sent over a thousand care packs out and we know this is helping if you read our reviews below you will see what our work means to the women who we have supported through PPROM and beyond


We are working on several projects, however the following research is one close to our hearts and is one of the projects which will be a intervention in the future we hope, however funding is slow but we surely doing out best to ensure more is given, this is for repairing of the membranes and researchers are working hard, our team are the lay members on this project and its vital we keep supporting their work, this goes direct to the researchers at the UCLH link is as follow:;

Reasons to donate to Little Heartbeats;-

First of all you wondering;-

What does PPROM mean?

PPROM is the acronym for Preterm Prelabour Rupture Of Membranes, which is the medical word for when your waters break early in pregnancy before 37 weeks. (Note other medical names used, PROM, SROM)

Some of the reasons why to support us;-

Little Heartbeats is an award winning non profit charitable volunteer support organisation and we are patient advocate, some of the things we do are[-

  • We support pregnant mums and their families through PPROM and beyond

  • We raise awareness of this condition in pregnancy

  • We send out free information care packs for mums enduring PPROM

  • Provide care packs to mums who are dealing with neonatal after PPROM who did not get a pack during their pregnancy

  • Provide loss care packs for mums who did not get one of our care packs during their pregnancy

  • Provide support via closed groups, phone, email and through our website.

Why it is important to support our women through this condition is because it is associated with 40 percent of preterm births and can in some cases cause preterm birth and sadly baby loss. To date our team have helped Saved Babies Lives by;-

  • Our knowledge

  • Our care packs

  • Our website

We want to be able to send more free care packs out to help mums and their families get through PPROM and keep providing our website so we can help save more babies and prevent baby loss and support mums and their families regardless of outcome

So please support if you can

Fundraising for team Little Heartbeats,

Fundraise for Little Heartbeats by opening an account here....

Everyone who raises over £250 will get one of our T-shirts or Hoodies contact our page to let us know about your fundraising efforts

It means a lot for your support


Thank you for all who donates or starts a new fundraiser to help us raise funds

Some of our faces of PPROM,

One of our mascots

What some of our mums say who we have supported over the Years:-

Diane say's

"You were amazing whilst I was in hospital, if you weren't on hand with advice I don't know where we would be.I dread to think. Callan is here without a doubt because of Little Heartbeats"


Ella P say's

"We could have made the biggest mistake of our lives if we hadn't come across this group. We were strongly recommended to terminate at 20 weeks and went away feeling like this was our only option. We found hope in what seemed like a hopeless situation and decided to continue with the pregnancy. We now have our beautiful, healthy little girl. Still in NICU but doing amazingly well! "


Lindsey R say's

"If it wasn’t for Ciara and Little Heartbeats, I never would have had the strength, courage and knowledge to continue with my pregnancy. There would have been many ‘what ifs’…you were on the other end of the chat within minutes when I needed you and I’ll never forget it."


Take part in our pol and let us know the following...

Did you experience PPROM?

  • Yes

  • No

If we have supported you either via our website, social media or via one of our care packs it would mean the World to us if you can give us a testimonial as this may help us raise funds so we can other future mums with PPROM

Note we are making history this Year with some of the research we have done


  • Reinstating the RCOG Patient and clinical guidelines

  • Instigated the Ukoss research survey project

  • Instigated the Impact of PPROM on women research survey

  • Sent so many care packs to women and their families Worldwide as and when we can

  • Raised thousands for the Ukoss study and the resealing of the membranes

If you like us to do more do give more

Thank you for reading


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