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Little Heartbeats Story of PPROM Awareness 

Our baby loss stories can help save future babies by bringing attention to the condition and the treatment of it.
Watch and learn the impact PPROM baby loss has on these families.
This is why it's important to invest more into PPROM Awareness, education and support for parents to help mininise future baby loss.


The reason why 'Little Heartbeats' exists

"Too Beautiful for Earth "

Promise Me

OUR PPROM Babyloss Montage

Baby loss month video 16th Oct 2016

Photos of our precious baby handprints, footprints, memories of our bumps and our parents of loss. 



Too Beautiful For Earth 

Baby loss month video 16th Oct 2016

This video contains photos of premature babies from 15 weeks gestation upward who never got to go home.

They were and still are loved.  

So please if the idea of photos with babies that didn't survive unsettles you or isn't something you want to see then please DO NOT watch.​

Remembering Daisy Masie 

PPROM Awareness

Fundraising for Little Heartbeats



Toni & Jo story of PPROM

Raising PPROM Awareness 

Interview with BBC Radio Derby 2015  

Lucas Sky Ryder

Raising PPROM Awareness 


Passionate and Inspired to make a difference to

PPROM in pregnancy 

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