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Baby loss stories of our baby's gone too soon 
We feel that sharing our stories will help others to talk about their losses and that they will not feel alone 
Amanda Robinson & Sean PPROM story
PPROM at 17 weeks 3days. Hope born at 28weeks + 3 days
Born in the UK
Born Feb 2016 
My waters broke at 17 weeks after bleeding from 7 weeks due to a subchronic hematoma.
I never knew waters could break so early but after reading up and finding little heartbeats website I began to understand the seriousness of our condition.
I attended weekly hospital appointments to check for infection, but was told if I began showing signs of infection they would need to deliver my baby but if I was under 24 weeks there would be nothing they could do to try and save my baby.
I read up and asked other Pprom mums advice on how to prolong the pregnancy and avoid infection.
I was given antibitotics the week after I ppromed after advice I had been given from little heartbeats.
We found out we may have been having a girl at 18 weeks but doctors were still unsure as I never had any measurable fluid around my baby girl which made it hard to see. Doctors asked me if I wanted to terminate but I knew where there was still a heartbeat there was still hope.
We had a few scares a long the way prepped for a C section twice due to bleeding and fetal distress, but when we reached 28 weeks and 3 days the doctors told me it was time to take my baby out as my placenta was tearing away.
Hope Blackburn was born at 6:49am on the 17th february 2016 weighing 1lb 13.5oz.
She needed a lot of help to breathe the doctors kept telling me she was very sick but she was stable and I began to think she would be ok.
Until we were woke up at 4am on the 18th feb to say Hope was slowly passing away,
They had tried everything they could but because of my waters breaking so early she had no fluid and her little lungs had not developed properly. She passed away on my chest close to my heart.
To this day I do not regret carrying on and giving her a chance.
Some babies do survive pprom but my baby was ment to be an angel.
Hope will be with us in our hearts forever.
Always have Hope x


Naomi Griffiths PPROM story
PPROM at  23 weeks  1 days.  Macauley born at 25 weeks  
Born in the UK
I ppromd at 23+1 after a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I'd had no issues up untill the week before I'd had quite bad abdominal pain, not like contractions but definitely left me worried.
I rang my local PAU (pregnancy assessment unit) who told me to take painkillers and monitor it, which I did and it did seem to go thankfully.
Fast forward one week and I noticed blood on the tissue when wiped, I rang PAU again who suggested I go in to be monitored, by the time I got there I was losing a lot and filling pads in 15 minutes, things got very serious very quickly but baby's heartbeat continued to stay strong and baby seemed happy.
Over the next few days the bleeding slowed and I was admitted to the hospital and had a scan that confirmed my waters had gone and I had very little fluid around baby and only had one measureable pocket of fluid.
The next few days went very slowly and I was offered a termination, completely out of the question for us and we made it very clear we were in this untill the end, despite the outcome. We spoke with NICU doctors who seemed positive which was nice compared to everyone else who was very very negative. I finally made it to 24 weeks and had both steroid shots which again made us feel very positive again.
Unfortunately the next night I started bleeding again, still no pain and baby seemed happy so we just sat tight. 4/4/16 that night we went to listen in for babies heartbeat just like every night and it took a very long time, I don't remember hearing my placenta and after a long 15 minutes we found my baby boy, again with a strong happy heartbeat. 5/4/16 routine again.. no matter what we couldn't find him, after what felt like forever we had an emergency scan that confirmed it. My baby had died.
My beautiful Macauley was born 48+ hours later and we were allowed a measly day with my sleeping baby, empty and distraught doesn't even come close to how I feel right now.
Everyone tells me it does get easier so I take my comfort in this for now, this journey is still so raw and new to me that I don't have any advice on how to cope other than do whatever feels right to you in that moment and don't ever feel like laughing/crying/being happy or sad is ever bad.
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PPROM at  weeks  days. weeks  
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