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Success stories of little blessings against the odds
They told us we are one in a million,
we believe with the right care more can follow
Jane Alexandria Wallbank story
PPROM Suspected at 31 weeks 4 days, Gabriel born at 36 weeks 2 day
Born in the UK


So 4 months on from Gabriels birth I finally feel ready to post my journey. I PPROM at 31+4 Had awful care to the point were they missed an infection for 2 weeks as they didn't label the first swab and was rejected and second swab they didn't check results and call us. I was induced 36 weeks and had him 36+2. I had the drip and went from 4cm to delivery in 4 minutes. Didn't understand he was my baby as it was so quick. He spent 10 days in scbu with rapid breathing, sepsis and infected cord. I had requested for my placenta to be sent off but they destroyed it instead. Due to Gabriel being prem he wouldn't latch so I spent nearly 6 weeks pumping and feeding on almost no sleep. He is on prescription milk for a lactose intolerance and renitidine for his reflux but it could have been so much worse. I started going down hill and ended up having a psychotic break on Christmas eve, post partum psychosis and subsequent diagnosis of complex PTSD. I spent a week sectioned on an adult acute ward where I missed my daughters and Gabriels first Christmas together then was transfered 3 hours away to Winchester Mother and Baby unit for a further 4.5 weeks. Due to poor communication after leaving the unit social services intervened and I spent from 1st February until 25th February having to be supervised at all times with the children. Yesterday we had a conference and they voted in our favour of having no further action just support for my ongoing mental health requirements. I am heavily medicated because of the psychosis and complex PTSD but can finally be with my babies and be a mum. TODAY IS THE START OF A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY JOURNEY. Thank you for all of the support throughout this awful experience xx


Lucy's story
PPROM at 19weeks Confirmed at 20 wks 5days. Josh born at 35weeks +4 days
Born in the UK

My first pregnancy my son was born at 29 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. He weighed 2lb 4 and spent 6 weeks in SCBU (Special care baby unit). He is now a happy healthy 8year old with no long term problems and mild asthma.

Myself and my partner decided to try for a baby the beginning of this year and we're delighted to find out in Feb we were pregnant. After previous complications I was assured I would be monitored well. The start of the pregnancy was perfect no issues at all. My twelve week scan went well. I had also booked a 3D scan at 16 weeks and found out we were having another little boy. My son was so pleased. Also I had been booked in by a specialist at 18weeks just to be monitored. Again this scan showed a healthy developing baby no concerns at all.

A few days after my scan I woke up to find I wet the bed. I initially thought this was funny and part of pregnancy being incompetent. This happened again over. The next few nights. I put it down to pregnancy symptoms. I can also remember having mild cramps and looking on the internet about it. It stated it was just part of your uterus expanding. Little did I know what was really happening? On the 17th June this year I had my 20 week scan when I was 20+5. We were a little late due to parking and roadworks but they eventually decided to see us.

Initially the sonography didn't say anything. She did checks and said they were ok. We were happily talking to the assistant who lived in our area. Then I was informed. The sonographer said I'm really concerned about the fluid levels around your baby. I'm sending you to a consultant. We kept asking her what this meant but she refused to comment. We were then sent to a different area where a really friendly midwife was completely sympathetic to us. I still didn't know why and by the time the consultant arrived I had googled the situation and realized how bad it was.


The consultant wasn't very sympathetic she just told us it was near impossible to continue the pregnancy as I was at risk of infection and advised a termination. To which I immediately refused. She said she send me to a high risk pregnancy consultant but that would be tomorrow. I was sent home with antibiotics. I didn't sleep a wink that night. I waiting till ten for a phone call of the ward to go in which never came. So we made our own way down. I walked straight in breaking me heart demanding to see someone. A lovely midwife led me to a family room and was so kind. She got the consultant to see me ASAP.


The consultant I remember form my previous son. This visit was not what I wanted to hear. I was informed the possibility of him surviving was so slim because his lungs hadn't developed. And if somehow he did he had a high chance of disability or problems. I was devastated she advised a termination. Again I refused.


I'm a Maths teacher I wanted the statistics. She informed me in her 20 year career she could remember the names of the babies who had survived this. That really hit home. I was given a load of emergency numbers to contact when, not if I went into labor. She gave me an appointment for three weeks which she didn't expect to see me. She asked when I felt I lost the water. I said about two weeks ago. She said that I should of gone into labor by now. I just looked, she then sent me for additional testing.


I left my job and sat on my settee for three weeks praying I reach viability. I did loads of research tool vitamins, stevia and used moisture wipes. I only left the house to visit hospital to see a different consultant who just was so negative. Those weeks were so hard. I'd cry so much. I woke every three hours to drink water I was drinking up to 8 liters a day. I went back for that appointment to her amazement. I was at viability now so I had a bit of hope in that they wouldhelp if he was struggling.


My consultant’s attitude had changed to a lot more positive. She seemed pleased. I was told to take Fragmin injections as the cause of both my pregnancy issues was my blood clotting. I was given a appointment to see her every week. We had to take it week by week we were not in a situation to think too far ahead. I didn't really leave the house much apart from that hospital appointment and I asked for a midwife appointment too. I needed those two appointment to keep my sanity and I really did depend on them for reassurance baby was ok.

At 24+4 I had my first dose of steroids then again at 28+4.every week my baby kept defy in the odds and growing. The most fluid ever measured was one pocket of 2.7 on one occasion. It had always been unmeasurable. I only had one episode of bleeding at 27weeks and it went within a day. Also at 26 weeks my temp went up to 37.4 they gave me antibiotics through the drip I was told to expect to deliver but my temp quickly returned to normal and was told to continue. At 32 weeks I came to hospital every day for a trace. I wanted too. I was paranoid coming that far I needed to hear my baby. I found it hard to feel him so I needed that reassurance continually.

I had my c-section booked at 35+4 it was just a case of wait and see.


At 34+5 I went for my weekly appointment with my consultant and had felt quite ill. My temperature was a little high and my face swollen. I also began to have small trace of protein in my urine. I was immediately taken to the Royal Gwent where they were advised to induce me early the doctors there had a different view on this and as there was no cots available wanted me to wait.


On my original planned c-section, after a lot of arguing I was sent for my section. At 12:16pm against all odds Josh Jones Anderson was born he weighed 4lb 12 and needed minimal breathing support low flow although he did have a chest drain for a few days. Josh came home after only 15 days in SCBU and has continued to amaze us since. He has no development issues but is lacto intolerant which may change as he grows. I am amazed at the way things turned out. I even seen a victor to prepare myself for a funeral I had to be realistic as I had to function for my other son but I never gave up hope. I was never advised to drink water but I do truly believe this helped the most.


The consultant now says Josh has gone the furthest she ever had. She never would of thought that. Goes to show with determination and faith anything is possible. The stories good and bad got me through so much I can't thank those people on the group Little heartbeats facebook enough. You supported and prepared me in the hardest hours of my life. I got so much information and advice I really don’t know how I would of coped without it. Speaking to people who have gone through that experience has been so worthwhile. So many times I thought of what the doctors had said. Now I’m so glad I went with my instincts my little boy defied all medical expectations and is here perfectly healthy.


Emma Hobbs

PPROM at  23 weeks  3days. Oliver born 27 weeks 5 days   

Born in the UK



Oliver was born at 27+5 gestation after my waters broke at 23+3.


I went to the hospital where they have me steroids and monitored me, Oliver was happy for 5 weeks with no water, was having weekly scans and growth scans, I had a high temp on the night of 18.04.2014 went to the hospital at 1:30 am with what felt like a fever. 


Got to hospital where I was monitored and Oliver's heartbeat , was given so many drugs , then I had an infection and Oliver's heart rate was dropping , I had to be put to sleep as had a really bad infection so did Oliver. 


Oliver was born at 6:36 am on the 19/04/2014 and weighed 2Ib 10oz. 


He was very poorly, spent 98 days in NICU, came home on oxygen. 


Oliver is nearly 2 years old and is doing amazing. He is our little miracle. 








Proud Mum to a Preemie Miracle 

Mum Davinia Watson 

PPROM at  21 weeks and 2 days.  Faris Hassan born at  27 weeks 4days 

Born in the UK






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