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Jessica Crowe PPROM story
PPROM 23 weeks 6 days, Donovan & Laurence born at 27 weeks  
Born in the UK
Birth, went into labour naturally 


I had a twin pregnancy, identical boys and everything went as well as it could until 23 weeks and 6 days when my waters broke at home. I was alone as my daughter was at school and my husband was at work. I was brushing my teeth and gagged and there was a huge gush, I panicked and hoped I had wet myself. I attended labour and delivery via ambulance and was examined and started on antibiotics. 


I had to be transferred to a hospital 2 hours away from where I received 10 days of antibiotics before being discharged home, not before being scared to death by statistics and told that my babies would not survive. 


Twin 1 had no measurable fluid and twin 2 had good measurable fluid meaning that the thin membrane between them hadn't been compromised and it was twin one who was head down who had lost all waters. I stayed at home for just less than 2 weeks before infection hit, I went back to labour and delivery and again transferred to a hospital 2 hours away. 


I delivered my twin boys naturally 5 days later at 27 weeks. It was a very terrifying and traumatic experience due to the hospital being unprepared. Both babies cried at birth and twin 2 baby Laurence came out with his eyes open. 


Both babies were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. Donovan progressed so well with barely any hiccups along the way which was surprising because he had zero water's we feared he would be the most poorly turns out Laurence was exposed to the infection more because he had his waters and at 10 days old developed meningitis, due to this he had a grade 4 IVH (brain bleed) and lung bleeds we were told many of times to switch him off but my heart said no. 


He had a hell of a journey and had many surgeries at different hospitals for ROP and hydrocephalus. Laurence was touch and go and we were told he would never come home and never come off the ventilator but months later he did and after 111 days he came home. He has cerebral palsy, is deaf and blind and has hydrocephalus with a programmable shunt and stent and PVL amongst other things but he is perfect and an absolute joy to care for. 


Donovan spent 70 days in the NICU and came home on his big sisters birthday. 


If someone could have shown me now back then I would never have lost all that sleep worrying the way I did.


They told us we are one in a million,
we believe with the right care more can follow
Tiffany Amodeo McAninch PPROM story
PPROM 27 weeks 6 days, Chyler & Brent born at 32 weeks  1 day
Born in the USA
Birth, went into labour naturally 


It was July 2 2013 when I found out I was pregnant, and it was 3 1/2 weeks later I found out it was twins!


The pregnancy was pretty normal, at 13 weeks I was in a minor fender bender but after a check up everyone was fine. That all changed starting the night of December 15th 2013 I was 27 wks 6 days.


After every time I went to the bathroom that night I thought I was having urine leakage, but by the next morning it had stopped so I went to work.


I only called the doctor because one of my friends at work kept telling me to. So I went to my doctor at lunch ( I was already seeing high risk doctors) and all the test looked good except the final swab that tested for amniotic fluid, it was positive. I got directly admitted to the hospital on December 16th.


After a formal ultrasound the found out it was baby A that had ruptured, she had low fluid. I was staying in the hospital until I delivered. I was put on an IV antibiotic and got 2 steroid shots for the babies lungs. I got 2 non-stress test daily and bi-weekly growth ultrasounds.


I was only allowed out of my hospital bed to shower and go to the restroom. I made it through Christmas and New Years. On January 12th my water really broke I was 31 weeks 6 days. I was put on magnesium and moved to labor and delivery. Luckily the magnesium worked and I was moved back to my special care OB room, I continued the magnesium and was given 2 more steroid shots.


The took me off the magnesia on the January 14th and I had my twins on January 15th at 32 weeks 1 day. The steroid shots really helped because they were both in the NICU for 21 days. They are now happy healthy 2 year olds.


They are also my rainbow babies I was blessed to be following with high risk doctors that knew what to do because the outcome could have been different.


My twins will be 3 in January

Saira Resh story of PPROM 
PPROM 21 weeks gestation, Noah & Aiden born at 34 weeks gestation
Born in the UK
Birth, C-Section 


My husband and I had been trying for a baby for some years. On Mother's Day, 4 years after we started trying, I found out I was pregnant. I had previously had an ectopic pregnancy, so I was sent for a scan at 6 weeks. TWINS!! - the biggest surprise of my life.


We were beyond excited and don't think I'd ever been that happy before. At 21weeks gestation, while watching the women's tennis final, I got up and felt a lot of water running down my leg.


My husband was working 200 miles away. I drove myself to University College hospital and hoped desperately that it wasn't anything serious. It was. They confirmed my waters had broken and sat me in a room and asked me to wait for a consultant. He came in a few minutes later and held my hand and spoke softly and with empathy and told me I would very likely lose the pregnancy in the next 48hours. As the twins shared a placenta, I would almost certainly lose both babies. As they were only 21 weeks, they would not attempt to revive the babies. I was devastated.


I called my husband and told him. He rushed from Wales to London and sat with me. I cried all night. I was kept in hospital and from my bed was advised to ring the bell when my contractions started. There were no contractions...


My mindset was changed after that night. I refused to give up hope on them. We had waited for them so long and we already loved them so dearly. I wanted to stay positive and happy for my little babies in my tummy. 3 weeks later I was still in the hospital.


I was still pregnant. The fluid levels which had initially been low had refilled to normal levels. When I was released from the hospital, I was told to be prepared I could go into labour at any point. I was 24 weeks pregnant. I was told to not return to work and rest as much as possible with bi-weekly scans.


At 33 weeks, due to the risk of infection, I was advised by our medical team that our babies should be delivered at 34 weeks gestation. 2 days prior to the c-section, I was given a steroid shot. The nurses told me they had not expected this day to come after my admission nearly 3 months earlier with PPROM.


At 34 weeks, my darling miracle boys, Noah and Aidan were born. They spent 3 weeks in NICU and SCBU. They were small but healthy.


Their lungs functioned well. ( I had been told previously that it was highly likely they would not develop after PPROM) They are bright, smiley, healthy miracle boys, and every day I am reminded how incredibly fortunate I am.


They were 6 months old yesterday. They've just started interacting with each other. They smiled and laughed at each other for the first time yesterday, and I smiled too because I know how lucky we all are to have each other.



All stories are copyright @Little Heartbeats 

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