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Baby loss stories of our baby's gone too soon 
We feel that sharing our stories will help others to talk about their losses and that they will not feel alone 
Lorraine Ellen story
PPROM at 14 weeks 3days. Pat born at 22weeks + 1 days
Born in the UK
I live in London and my angel baby's name is Pat and he was born on 22/1/16
My waters broke at 14 +3 and never had any measurable fluid throughout
I woke up in the morning when I was 22+1 and had something dangling called an ambulance and was told it was the cord when I got to the hospital my little boy's heart had stopped he weighed 360g
Thanks You for letting me share his story with you
(Lorraine suffered from a prolapsed cord, which is one of the risks to PPROM) 


Jenna Williams story
PPROM at 22 weeks 4days. Bella Cross born at 22weeks + 6 days
Born in the UK
March 2016
My waters slowly leaked at 22+4 - had no infection. spent time in hospital. By 22+6 I had a infection and went into pre term labour where I delivered Bella at 1655 weighing 1lb 3oz - she was alive and fell asleep in my arms at 60mins. I spent a further 3 days in Hospital
Baby girl Bella born on 2nd March 2016 Exeter, PPROM at 22+4 days, Bella born 22+6 days weighing 1lb 3oz. Fell asleep in my arms at 1 hour old. This was our first pregnancy, and my first ever time falling pregnant after being off the pill 1 year. We were both excited but also very scared. We found out very early on that we were expecting at just 5 weeks so waiting for the first scan at 12 weeks was hard but seeing a baby on the screen was amazing. Couldn't believe we made such a amazing thing. The pregnancy it self was pretty text book and all was fine, I started to show, and even started to fell her kick away from 19 weeks. We had our 20 Week scan on my birthday and it was the best present ever. I started to get really excited by then and couldn't believe we were half way already. Started to get nursery together and order EVERYTHING. I am the youngest of 4 children and I am the last to have a baby so was excited to bring another grand child for my parents.
The weekend before Bella was born I felt fine, did our usual weekend things. I felt on the Saturday and Sunday a little damp but didn't think anything of it at first as thought it was one of those pregnancy things and was wetting myself. And to be honest was a little embarrassed to tell my partner.
On the Monday morning I went to work - and it was still happening but seemed more than before, and I started to think something wasn't right. I contacted my GP and they said to go to the clinic. I waited there for a while and got seen - checked by blood pressure and checked heart beat, Bella was fine, even then still kicking away. I then had to wait 3 1/2 hours to be seen my a doctor who did a internal.
Then my life was shattered when they rushed me to a labour ward as I was my membranes were bulging. It went from 0-100 so quickly. I was in shock, couldn't believe it. Saw various people and had blood tests and they came back that I didn't have a infection which was good.
They gave me all the information about what could happen and that likely I would go into labour in the next few days. But there could be a miracle and I could reach 24 weeks I would then get moved to a level 3 unit. This was on the Monday - still in shock but came to the conclusion that I would be in hospital for a while and staying positive. Wednesday morning came and again still felt fine, no issues. Was feeling positive, and was praying baby girl would stay put!
We thought I would be in hospital for a long time. Heard the heart beat again and they struggled to find it but it was cause she had moved and was playing hide and seek. Lunch time came and i started to have pain and it seem to come and go - which then turns out to be contractions after being checked. We then got rushed back to the labour ward into a different room than before which turns out to be a room for situations like this.
A few hours went by but to be honest now it seems like it was minutes but I had lots of pain relief and it's all a blur. I had the urge to push, and then my waters broke. I knew this was it, I knew I was going to meet our baby girl too soon. The consultants had already said that she wouldn't be alive when born. Knowing this made the labour hard, I was so scared and wanted them to stop it which they couldn't. My midwife Trish was amazing, perfect in every way.
My partner held my hand all the time and didn't leave my side. At 1655 Bella was born, and to our amazement she was alive, still breathing very gently. She was so tiny, couldn't believe she was here. I held her till she fell asleep, we both cuddled her and had her blessed. We miss her incredibly, and we will never forget her. She will always be our first born and eldest child. We have a memory box which the hospital helped us with and we will cherish this for the rest of our lives. 6 weeks on I am taking each day as it comes. We will never be the same again.
We will always be Bella's Mummy and Daddy and will always remember her.


Nicola Frew story
PPROM at 20 weeks 3days. Austen born at 32weeks  
Born in Glasgow
Austen's story.

On 31/10/15 at 20 + 3 weeks my waters broke no reason was ever given to why, when they told me I was heart broken I had never heard of this happening before.

Over the weeks I was seen at the hospital twice a week on a Monday I would listen in to my baby and have a scan to see how much fluid there was and on a Thursday my bloods were taken to check for any infection. There was always around 4cm of fluid.

At 24 weeks I had my steroid injections 2 shots 24 hours apart to develop baby's lungs and continued with my weekly monitoring.

My baby boy was born at 32 weeks exactly on the 20/01/2016.. I delivered on my own but it was a traumatic delivery my contractions were little and random then disappeared and he was ready to be delivered. I'm not sure what put me into labour or why the contractions stopped but my boy was born screaming and I was so happy to hear his little cry.

We decided to name our boy Austen William Muir and initially all looked good he was 4lbs 2 oz and only needed a little help. But that night he worsened and needed to be put on 100% oxygen and adrenaline to keep a passage in his heart open for the oxygen to flow. The hospital staff were still hopeful though they said he would only need some medicine into his lungs then all the tubes would be removed..
On day 4 we were taken into that dreaded little room for bad news..
My poor baby's kidney's were failing and he had had a bleed on the brain.. They were going to reduce his medication to see if his kidneys would begin to function but on day 5 there was no improvement and the bleed had worsened..
So on the 25/01/2016 we were told that it was only a matter of time, we can keep pumping our boy with medicine and let him decide when he had had enough or we can make him comfortable and say our goodbyes..
I didn't want to put my precious boy through any unnecessary pain so all our friends and family came and spent the day meeting and saying goodbye to Austen.
Once we were ready we got to have him brought along to a family room where in private we had our chance to say goodbye. 12 weeks we both managed to keep our bodies together then 5 beautiful days my boy gave us.
I will never forget my brown eyed boy and my heart breaks that he is not
here with my now.

I hope in time there is more medial insight into Pprom and we can avoid this happening to so many women who sometimes have never even heard of the condition.



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