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Baby loss stories of our baby's gone too soon 
We feel that sharing our stories will help others to talk about their losses and that they will not feel alone 
Rhiannon & Daniel Price PPROM story
PPROM at 16 weeks. Louie born at 23weeks + 2 days
Born in the UK
Born Feb 2015 

I was 16 weeks pregnant when I started what I thought was weeing myself every now and then (it was my 4th so thought my bladder was weak) on the day before new years eve 2014 I read about a condition called pprom (preterm premature rupture of membrane) so decided to get checked out.


To my horror on New Years Eve it was confirmed my waters had been leaking and my poor baby had no fluid left, I was told to go home and to expect to miscarry with 72 hours, but would have to go in the following day to discuss my options.


How I drove home I still can't recall, it was a blur. I researched all I could on PPROM and discovered the Facebook page 'Little Heartbeats' the stories I read and the information provided by a lady named 'Ciara' made me realise it didn't mean I would miscarry and as long as infection stayed at bay I could carry on with my pregnancy, she advised bedrest as much as possible and to drink water and lots of it.


My husband put me on strict bedrest, he done everything,  cooking, cleaning, looking after our three boys. There were so many loss stories but so many stories of hope,  the doctors wanted me to abort this life I was carrying but my baby had a heartbeat, it was fighting so I would fight too. I refused termination and wastage to go for checks every week at the hospital, I'd have a scan and bloods taken to check for infection. Every appointment we were asked if we had changed our minds on termination, we never did.


At our 20 week scan we were told the baby had a problem with its heart, a condition called transposition of the great arteries,  again we were told because the baby had no waters and now this heart condition, the most logic and kindest option would be termination,  again we refused and we were to be scheduled to see a heart specialist who would do an indepth scan to confirm the diagnoses of TGA. Again I turned to 'Ciara' for advice and help as she too had dealt with other PPROM mums who had this condition. At 21 weeks I started bleeding heavily and was told I had partial placental abruption and I was kept in hospital. At 23 weeks exactly I was transferred to another hospital that had the facilities to help a 24 week baby, the NICU doctor came to chat and advised that before 24 weeks, if baby was born they wouldn't guarantee to help as baby would possibly not survive and under no legal obligation we they obliged to help.


I cried and cried and willed this little life to hold on for another week. On February 2nd I was scheduled to travel from Newport, south Wales to Bristol, England to confirm the TGA, so on 1st February, the hospital staff allowed my husband Daniel to stay over night so he could travel with me the following morning. At 6:15am the baby decided to come. I was only 23weeks and 3 days, I was so scared no-one would help. 


My baby was a boy, my Prince Louie. He was very ill but alive and so strong.


The doctors did help, they said they couldn't believe how much he was trying to breathe. We spent the most amazing 4 days with him in NICU before bleeds on both side of his brain cruelly took him from us.


He grew his wings 5th February 2015, Fly High mummies little sunshine.  


Below in the picture are is his brothers meeting him for the first and last time, he fell asleep forever a few hours later.


Lauren & Morgan Bartlett  PPROM story
PPROM at 18 weeks. Lux born at 27 weeks
Born in the UK
Born August 2015
Lauren and Morgans PPROM story At 18 weeks, 2nd June 2015 I was sat chatting to my friends and noticed I was 'leaking' I thought I had just peed myself and didn't anything of it until I spoke to my mum and she said Lauren that's not right we rushed to the hospital where they confirmed that my waters had gone and took Morgan and myself into a room and told us that our baby who was still kicking and breathing that we should have an abortion.
We didn't even think about this and we gave our little girl every chance we could. Each week passed and we reached different milestones and our daughter put up a good fight!
Until 1st August 2015 I woke up with pains and new something wasn't right we rushed to the hospital and I got told the baby was coming and they will not stop the labour as I had sepsis.
14:53 our daughter Lux was born she was the most perfect little girl the neonatal team were fighting to keep her alive at this point, I didn't know if my daughter was alive or not, they told me she was stable but only just and rushed her upstairs 6 hours passed and we then got to see our daughter who was so poorly but putting up a good fight. 8:16
2nd August 2015 our daughter fell asleep in my arms her lungs were just not strong enough and we knew there was nothing else they could do! We spent the whole day with Lux we had cuddles and lots of beautiful photos


Our beautiful daughter Lux

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