PPROM story by mom Venessa Nelson 
PPROM 23 weeks 
Colbie Marsette was born at 26 weeks in the USA 

I found out I was pregnant after a 2year infertility battle on 3/8/2016.


Three weeks after the exciting news I started bleeding heavily, I went to the doctor and it was too early for them to see anything in the sack during ultrasound.


Mid-April I went back and there before my eyes was a perfect little heartbeat, turns out I had a subchronic haemorrhage. I bled until about week 16- when I started my p-17 weekly progesterone shots.

From then on I continued with my weekly shots- the pregnancy felt normal and I was finally in good spirits, until we hit 7/23/16 and out of nowhere my water broke! I was admitted to the hospital @ 23weeks and was given magnesium and steroids to help the babies brain and lungs. I remained in bed rest until 8/10/16 when I developed an infection and they promptly brought me down to the OR to perform an emergency c-section. My daughter Colbie Marsette was born crying, weighing 2.2lbs and 14.5" long! Colbie had a roller coaster battle in the NICU- from PIE's to multiple PDA treatments to ROP, she has overcome it all and 84 days later we brought our little miracle home!



They told us we are one in a million,
we believe with the right care more can follow

Colbie Marsette

in NICU & Now 

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