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Press Stories 


Kelly Strange is our contact for any stories in the media. 


Contact Kelly on tel number: 0800 0665 905 Email: | Website: 


Please note, no stories on our website are to be used without speaking to Little Heartbeats, as we need to gain permisson from our parents to share with the media, our stories on our website is to give hope to our families, and support them regardless of outcomes and choices. 



Stories of PPROM hope

Davinia's Story 

Proudly posing by the tree with her bump last Christmas, Davinia and her husband Mido beamed

for the camera. Already they could not wait for their first proper family Christmas together.
But just days later tragedy struck when Davinia’s

waters went at 21 weeks and she was told their son would die....


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Tammy's Story 

Mother told baby would be stillborn but gets the best surprise when she goes into labour

A mum who was told to plan for her unborn child’s funeral when her waters broke at 20 weeks is now hugging her healthy baby boy.

Tammy Smith, 26, was told she would likely have a stillbirth as the chances of a baby surviving at such an early stage of development are close to zero.

She had even picked out a small blue coffin in anticipation.

However, after she found Little Heartbeats on Facebook, which has the tagline ‘they told us we are one in a million, we believe with the right care more can follow’, she refused to give up hope and was rewarded by the first cries of baby Jesse.


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Cally's Story 

Pregnant mum snapped last ever picture with dying baby – look at them now

Setting my mobile phone camera on timer, I wiped my red rimmed eyes and forced a smile as I turned to show my baby bump to the camera.

‘You don’t have to do this,’ my partner Jason sniffed.
But as much as it hurt, I wanted to. I needed something that I could treasure when we mourned our loss over the coming months.

I was already a mum to Oliver, seven and Holly, four, when I fell pregnant in January 2016. But my excitement was mixed with trepidation. For while getting pregnant has always been easy for me, being able to carry a successful pregnancy was a different story. After my fifth miscarriage in late 2015, Jason and I decided to give it one more go to have our longed-for third child, and just a few weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant again.
It was early days, but I had such a good feeling about this little life growing inside me.

‘It just feels right this time,’ I told Jason.

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Lucy's Story 

Mum planned her baby’s funeral after being told he’d be stillborn when her waters broke at 18 weeks… but gave birth to a healthy son thanks to advice from FACEBOOK

A BRAVE MUM who was told her baby had a one per cent chance of survival and had already started planning the funeral –

told how she IGNORED advice to terminate and gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby.  Lucy Jones was urged to end the pregnancy based on statistics that predicted he could not survive after her waters broke at just 18 weeks but took to a Facebook support group to find the encouragement she needed to

continue. Despite being told her baby had a 1% chance of survival Lucy gave birth to a healthy baby boy. But the 31-year –old who teaches Maths at a high school in Tredegar, Wales, says although the odds stacked against him were “ridiculously high” she couldn’t give up hope. For the first time in her life, Lucy refused to accept the statistics and miraculously the tot was born alive. Now aged one her baby boy has been given a perfect bill of health.

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Stories of PPROM loss

Winnie's Story 

Mum who fears mums’ night out when she was six months pregnant caused her waters to break killing her baby.

But tragically Winnie had NO idea she was pregnant despite several visits to her GP complaining of sickness, tiredness and weight gain. The mum had been having contraceptive injections since the birth of her baby seven months earlier and Winnie had been assured she could not be pregnant. But minutes after getting home from her night out – first since her son was born – she felt a huge gush. Emergency doctor told stunned Winnie waters had broken and she was six months pregnant.


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