Little Heartbeats Story of PPROM Awareness 

Watch our videos to educate & empower yourself on the importance of when your waters break early in pregnancy, would you know what to do?
Do you know what PPROM Stands for?
Watch & learn why it is important to our mums & dads and why we need to do more to beat PPROM in pregnancy & how we can improve on care.


The reason why 'Little Heartbeats' exists


All mums in our video PPROM before 24weeks, all babies survived PPROM 

Tiffancy story of PPROM 

Raising PPROM & IC Awareness 

PPROM 22 weeks gestations and mum Resealed and carried to 35weeks 

Jeanne Herrington story of PPROM

meet Archie James

Mum PPROM 19weeks gestations 

Delivered at 33weeks Gestations

PPROM little blessings do exist 


Passionate and Inspired to make a difference to

PPROM in pregnancy 

"My choice " BY Davinia 

"How Long Will I Love You"

PPROM reseal does exist.

My Story of PPROM.

Mum's water fully ruptured at 17 weeks gestation which was only diagnosed at 22 weeks.

Baby Adriano born at 28 weeks gestation.  

Powerful story of PPROM by Emma Law