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Welcome to the World

Welcome to the World to all of our beautiful PPROM miracles

This film is to raise awareness of when your waters break before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

We also created this film in the hope the general public will get behind our work and vote for our project in the aviva community funding to secure our future.

The hope is if we win this process it will enable us to secure our future and to afford to keep sending out our PPROM information packs to all who suffer this in the UK, USA, Australia and we like to ensure we have mums in Canada and other parts of the World who can join our team by sending out our PPROM information packs, so none of our pregnant mums are NOT alone and are armed with knowledge on their condition.

Little Heartbeats supports and educates mums Worldwide who's pregnancies have been overshadowed by premature prelabour rupture of membranes (pprom). This condition puts them at risk of premature labour and their babies lives at risk.

We are a non profit organisation and our team us made up of mums who have already dealt with their own pprom journeys.

This is our PPROM miracles video to raise awareness of pprom.

Vote here by following this link,

Poem by Winnie Woo at Little Heartbeats

Before I conceived you, I wanted you.

Before you were Born, I loved you.

Then the unthinkable happened...

Our babies lives were at risk!

The pregnancy support given to us before our babies were born was vital.

Day After Day.

Night After Night.

We Sat by your side not knowing if you come home!

Hope is all we had and we cherished every ounce.

After a long journey and countless setbacks;We are very blessed to have brought you home.

You are a true PPROM miracle!

Little Heartbeats gave us hope when many doctors did not.

Remember you can help give more of us a chance of going home.

by casting your 10 votes for Little Heartbeats project in the Avivia community funding competition, you could save a baby's life.

Vote here,

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