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18 weeks into my pregnancy my waters broke

By mum Vivienne

My waters initially broke at 18 weeks into my pregnancy. I went into hospital and they sent me home with antibiotics and told me to expect a miscarriage within the next 5 days, after a week my waters stopped leaking and I was sent to Fetal Medicine where they confirmed very low levels of fluid, however our baby still had a heartbeat and was growing.

They told us they would not be able to guarantee Henry’s organs would work or that he will survive at all l, we were then offered a termination.

We had already decided to continue with the pregnancy as we had seen so many positive stories from your Little Heartbeats social media pages along with your care pack.

I was monitored twice a week at MAU.

I then resealed at 20 weeks gestation till 28 weeks then

At 28 weeks my waters broke again, I was hospitalised for two days and prescribed more antibiotics.

Then I resealed again and then my waters resealed then I PPROM until 36.6 weeks then at 37 weeks I went in to natural labour.

Henry was delivered via emergency c-section as he was breech. He is now a happy healthy thriving 4 month old. We know not everyone has such a positive ending but if our story can give hope to anyone out there who is going through PPROM in pregnancy then it’s a story worth telling

Meet my son baby Henry


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