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Giving is caring.....

See below the reasons why our work is important and every penny adds up...

PPROM is our passion and we have helped thousands of women and their families Worldwide, are funds go into our work and help us make a difference in memory of our Sinead, who did not get to grow up, her legacy, gives us a purpose to live and your donations will help us do our uppermost to help thousands of more pregnant mums enduring PPROM in pregnancy and supporting their families to the best we can

This is our story....

Little Heartbeats Website helps women whose waters have broken early in pregnancy.

Myself, Ciara the founder and recently been awarded as a Volunteer Coronation Champion by the King and Queen consort (April 2023).

I set up Little Heartbeats organisation after losing my first-born baby Sinead due to complications of PPROM

I work tirelessly to help women with this devastating pregnancy complication.

I run the website and several Facebook groups for women who are experiencing PPROM/after loss/babies in NICU and I send out care packages to women going through PPROM.

Funds will be used as follows

Goals and aims;-

  • We need funds to pay our website costs so there is enough funding to continue to run

  • Funds needed to ensure we can carry on sending PPROM information care packs in which the contents are all brought via various suppliers

  • To ensure enough funding to pay for postage costs

  • Invest in a course to do Hypnobirthing to be able to offer more support to women threatening preterm birth

  • To invest more into the UKOSS study and be equal funders with Wellbeing of Women at least £2000 towards the Ukoss study

  • To invest more into the resealing of the membranes project (donate via just giving page for this)

  • To invest in raising awareness of PPROM in pregnancy

  • Invest in a blue tick on Twitter to be able to be seen to be able to raise more awareness

  • To run adverts on social media because awareness saves babies lives

If we gain enough funds we like to cover the costs of :-

  • Make a documentary about our achievements of our hard work

  • Editing costs to make a short film of interviews with our mums

  • At the moment, this may never happen, but it would be a dream to have enough funds to do a Tour of the World. To meet and film the women and the families we have helped to have them contribute to our documentary it be amazing.

  • To be able to afford to be at preterm birth Conference's presenting our work

  • Travel and accommodation for presenting our work in parliament as we are awaiting a new date for this to happen

  • To secure charity status – pay a specialist to help complete the final process (we have found a company to help adjust our paper work

Achievements to date includes:

• Little Heartbeats non profit with Wellbeing of Women charity joint funded UKOSS study on PPROM before 23/40 complete and awaiting publication

• Fundraiser and lay summary for study by Professor Anna David & Dr Tina Chowdhury who are assessing potential of bioengineering for membrane resealing.

• Paper on psychological impact of PPROM accepted for publication

• RCOG 24/40+ PPROM guidelines

• BJOG study on information available to women searching online about PPROM

• 2017-2019: Reinstated RCOG guidelines and patient leaflets


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