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Testimonials of our work


These are some of the reviews of our work as follows here to give your supporters some insight of what we have done:-

These are from women who we have helped thoughout the years, some have brought home babies, and some like me have not brought home our babies;-

From our mums who brought home their babies,

1. Mum PPROM at 16 weeks gestation, baby born at 33 weeks, “Little Heartbeats, gave me the hope I needed to get through the hardest pregnancy.

2. "Little heartbeats gave me so much valuable information whilst I was in hospital and gave me the confidence to advocate and fight for my daughter's life" Mum, lost Malena's twin at 12 weeks which caused a large haematoma and PPROM at 17 weeks.

The most fluid recorded following that was 1-2 cm but most of the time it was no measurable fluid at each scan. I had partial placenta abruption at 22 weeks, and I caught infection at 25 + 4 which sent me into preterm labour”.

3. My waters went at 18 weeks and were confirmed as gone at my 20-week scan. I saw a fetal medicine consultant at 20 weeks and 5 days, and he actually wrote in my first report that it was his opinion that my baby would either pass before viability or would die straight after birth.

I went home and cried for days at the prospect of causing my baby to suffer. I made the decision to have a termination as I was made to feel that it was the kindest thing to do for her. Until… I discovered Little Heartbeats, and everything changed. The stories made me realise there was hope and Ciara and the care pack she sent me, taught me how to advocate for us both and give my baby the best chance. I made it to 27+1, when she arrived spontaneously, in the early hours of New Year’s Day 2021.

She spent 8.5 weeks in an amazing NICU (which I am so grateful for) and we brought her home at 35 weeks. I will forever be eternally grateful to Ciara for creating Little Heartbeats because without it I wouldn’t have my incredible little lady.

She is now 3 years old and absolutely thriving. She is such a kind, strong, feisty, happy, and clever little girl. I was told by medical professionals that there was a high chance my baby would either die, cause me to die or be severely disabled if she survived. None of the above happened. It was the most traumatic time of my life and a journey full of every emotion, to every extreme. That said, it pales into insignificance when I look at my perfect little girl and think how close I came to giving up. All because the only medical information I was given, told me it was best for her. It clearly wasn’t.

From our mums who did not bring home their babies,

4. Little Heartbeats helped me understand what PPROM is, I've never had it explained by hospitals in fact I was told I wouldn't know what it was like to lose my waters. Unfortunately, I've lost two babes to the complications of PPROM, baby Kaiden at 18 weeks gestation, and baby Williow at 20 weeks gestation. Little Heartbeats have helped me feel like I'm not alone.

5. Ciara is the most selfless, caring and understanding person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. The work she does for little heartbeats is phenomenal, she puts her heart and soul into Little Heartbeats. She is very respected by us all in the various groups she runs daily whilst looking after 2 children. She never gives mums "false hope" and she’s always honest about outcomes, which is what mums need to hear. I’ve been a volunteer for Little Heartbeats for roughly a year now and working with Ciara has been amazing. Always asks my opinion about fundraising ideas. I believe without Little Heartbeats and the support of Ciara, then a lot of women would have terminated their babies without knowing the facts. She has saved a lot of lives with her knowledge and advice and I’m proud to be part of it. I’ve always said if I had known about Little Heartbeats, when I went through PPROM then maybe my daughter would be here today. Ciara deserves funding and deserves her charity number.

6. My PPROM during began with a SCH at 7wks. Later on, at 17wks gestation, during a routine ultrasound scan. It was discovered that my membranes had ruptured and I had no antibiotic fluid. I was admitted from 23wks with weekly blood test and ultrasounds. At 27 weeks I developed a bleed. An ultrasound was performed, and some slight shadowing was detected around the anterior of my placenta I was left to be monitored. Two weeks later at 29+6wks I developed another heavy bleed this time associated with pain and contractions. I was rushed off for a classical C-section. During the procedure, my placenta completely detached. The first bleed that occurred resulted in brain damage conflicted by more damage associated with the detachment and the second haemorrhage confounded these issues subsequently my baby Loki passed away two days later from organ failure. I started volunteering three months after losing my baby as a means, to help cope with my grief. Sending Little Heartbeats care packs to mum’s and partners in my area of the World has helped save other babies when I couldn’t save my own. And allows for the packs to get to them in time as not all babies make it.

I have known Ciara for a few years. During that time, I have always been amazed at her level of enthusiasm. Ciara is the Founder of Little Heartbeats, which offers support to mothers and fathers who are going though PPROM (preterm prelabour rupture of membranes). She not only is the founder, but she also works hard to raise donations to go towards information packs, with medically supported clinical advice for mothers to follow. Ciara does this via her fundraising that she puts her own spare time and money towards. Another example of Ciara’s enthusiasm can be seen in her efforts to get PPROM more research by working with medical professionals. Little Heartbeats members gain access to improved medical intervention that can mean the difference between life and death for PPROM babies and mothers. I personally benefited from the PPROM packs she supplied to me. Even though I live in Australia, she sent me information via international mail at her own expense. Not only that she also does mascot teddy bears which allowed me to record my now deceased baby Loki’s heartbeat, which I am forever grateful for.


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