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Tattoo Challenge

Toni was the first to buy one of our temporary tattoos, this is how it looks on her.

She has set herself a challenge to help us raise funds. And will get this tattoo permanently on her.

Her tattoo artist has agreed to to this, and they will go live on social media.

To show us she will get our logo tattoo on her leg in memory of her babies Cameron and Brooke

We have granted her permission to do so.

Goal to reach before she does this is:


Can you donate to help us do this?

Our Raisely fundraising Page is at: £876.00 - Goal is to reach £1876.00

Our Gofundme page is at : £440.00 - Goal is to reach £1440.00

1st Target: £500

2nd Target: £1000.00

Goal is £2000.00 Target

and if you wish to join her in this challenge, do buy a tattoo, which is £2 each plus £1.00

Note, you do need permission to use our logo, we do have our website on these tattoos which is optional to use.

Help us make this possible and get Toni to target.

Funds raise will help us finally gain our charity number, so if you can help us achieve this, we be so very grateful.

Thank you


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