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In all honestly I rather I had not PPROM in the first place !!!

I give anything to have seen my first born baby grow up, She would have been 13 years old on the 15th April 2023.

So these are only some of our achievement's but had I listened to those who told me to quit or that I was not doing things right over the Years, I would not be where I am today

I like to say thank you to all those incredible strong women who have supported and worked with us in the last 12.5 years

To all our volunteers and Nicolle who co wrote and sang our PPROM song

One day I will secure our charity funding and they will not post pone or cancel our presentation on PPROM as they have done in parliament yet again this year, they do not see me as worthy of a urgent need to be heard!

I live in hope this will change!!! I so deserve this moment

Even though our work has helped prevent baby loss and helped our women who have loss babies, our work has helped thousands of women and their families around the World

  • But who I am I?

Thank you for supporting us

This Year for #InternationalWomansDay2023 #IWD2023 I nominate myself for the inspirational woman of 2023

if I call myself this, as I will never be famous enough to be on one of the 100 women list in the papers or on the honours list.

Not because I think highly of myself but because I want to shout about this condition in pregnancy that took my first born baby Sinead.

I want to talk about PPROM, I want to be able to do presentations and training sessions and talk about the journey I had to become a mum.

Losing Sinead really did take a piece of my heart...

My promise to Sinead was that we would

Ensure all women who endure this condition know they are not alone

Because I owe it to my daughters Siobhán and Úna

I owe it to our Sinead and I own it to every single woman who has endured PPROM or going through this condition in pregnancy

PPROM Deserves more, Little Heartbeats deserves more...


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