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Congratulations to Dan Hill from Daddy's with Angels MBE - New Year Honours List 2024

Here at Little Heartbeats we would love to congratulate Dan Hill on his incredible achievement

I first came into contact with Daddy's with Angels, when Paul started this charity, sadly cancer took Paul too soon and he sadly died of cancer.

Dan took over the running of Daddy's with Angels, both Paul and Dan would listen to me when talking about the loss of my daughter Sinead, other charities did not understand my loss and my fight for justice as much as these two men did,

When I was a rock bottom they were there to listen, so I like to say thanks to Paul and Dan for taking the time to listen.

I asked Dan, how do you feel about this MBE honour, and this is what he told us,

" Getting the MBE is surreal but I am plagued with imposter syndrome. Our founder deserved this, my team deserved this and above all my wife and family deserve this…….. I’m just the rather chubby poster boy with the loud voice!!!! "

It is my honour to introduce you to Dan with his wife Jade with their precious baby Isabella, read Dan's story here,


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