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I lost my waters at 21 weeks, Zoe's story

My son at birth 720 grams My son now at 6 months old (3 adjusted)

From week 11 in my pregnancy I had bleeding constantly from hematomas and was in and out of hospital and the emergency department my entire pregnancy.

At week 18 they diagnosed me with complete placenta previa after another ER visit for a big bleed.

At week 21, I woke in the morning to my bed soaked in blood and fluid. We went to the ER where they scanned me as usual and told me my baby boy was okay but they were keeping me for the bleeding again. I stayed one week on bed rest and had another ultrasound on baby boy at 22 weeks and 2 days.

This scan the midwife told me my waters were gone and they were sorry but there wasn’t much they could do for me.

They insisted on abortion for days as they said my boys chances of survival were 3-5 percent because of the combination of problems I had.

They said if he survived he could have multiple mental and physical disabilities.

At 23 weeks they administered steroids and gave me antibiotics to stop infection for a week.

I was on an atisoban drip from 23 weeks and 4 days, as I was in early labour and had a round of magnesium. I stayed on atosiban constantly until birth at 26 weeks and 2 days. I had another haemorrhage at 24 weeks so I received magnesium again and was prepped for a section but the bleeding stopped and was a hematoma, baby boy was okay so once I stabilised they let us go back to maternity ward again and continue.

We delivered via c section as it would have been that way anyway due to complete placenta previa, but I had contracted chorioamnionitis so this was the reason for delivery.

After a round of magnesium again and more antibiotics my boy was born and given antibiotics as a precaution while awaiting his blood work and he was clear of infection even though the placenta and umbilical cord were badly infected and smelled rotten according to the surgeons.

He stayed in the NICU for 86 days just growing basically. He came home at 38 weeks gestation and is now 6 months actual (3 months adjusted). His only problem is an inguinal hernia which he’s waiting for surgery for. I found your Facebook page and group and the stories there gave me hope that miracles can happen. You’re doing amazing work and if I hadn’t of known about PPROM and that babies can survive I fear I would have made different choices. I’m so grateful to have found your work

Just to mention I was in Malaga hospital in southern Spain and that’s where my son received all treatment and care.

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