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Look at this amazing honour,

Thank you for nominating us,

sadly I had no choice to decline to attend, due to the fact I cannot afford to pay £220 per person to attend, the travel costs on a train is around £150-£250 per person, and then the hotel, then childcare, it will cost in the regional of £1000 if not more for myself and one other to go. I have written to them to thank them for putting us in the final, it is a massive honour to have been nominated, and then to be chosen to be in the top nine finalists, I am just speechless. I am up against amazing incredible women who also volunteer their time to their causes, and I know I have no chance on winning as I feel, I need to do more. I really want to do this documentary to explain why the work of Little Heartbeats, which is my next goal, but this all-costs money. Sadly as a volunteer and a small non-profit charitable cause, we do not have the funds to spare this either especially when we are struggling to fund sending our care packs out it is a shame as I love being able to raise awareness and talk about PPROM in pregnancy and the work of Little Heartbeats. Also the evening is being hosted by their celebrity guest, Good Morning Britain’s Ranvir Singh but sadly hard decisions like this has to be made, massive thank you to those who nominated it means more than you know and I am very sorry I cannot attend maybe one day I find a way to be able to get stuff like this sponsored for, but at the moment we are just trying to survive the cost of living crisis, in which many may have seen, I had no choice but to get a part time paid job to work around Little Heartbeats, it has not been at all easy thanks for supporting us, maybe one day I get that OBE ;) not that I do this work to receive anything, but it is always nice to be recognised for your work. good luck to all the finalists

lots of Love


Little Heartbeats Founder and Volunteer

Note, I have no idea, if you do not attend, that they will not choose you as the winner, but sadly I cannot simply justify spending so much money, when I am struggling to send our care packs out and I do not want to let the women we look after down, and I believe 100 percent these need to be free care packs, because it is the hardest pregnancy I have ever went through, and losing Sinead, I promised to change how women were looked after. I am not giving up quite yet, massive thanks to all who support us, it means more than you know)


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