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Preterm birth 28 weeks & under neonatal survey

PPI survey: Calling all Neonatal mums and dads / partners

request by Researchers at King's College London

  • Researching for a Acceptability of new treatment being developed for preterm babies born 28 weeks gestation and below

  • About a potential new treatment to reduce the chances of lung and brain problems

  • If you and your baby have been through neonatal and ever had a baby born before 28 please take part in this survey

We are currently developing new medicinal treatment for preterm babies that aims to protect them from lung and brain problems when they are new born.

We are aiming to apply to the MRC for funding to support a clinical trial before the end of the year. As part of this grant application, we want to conduct a survey on the acceptability of this new treatment. We are particularly interested in the views of mums & dads / partners who have ever had a baby born before 28 weeks’ of pregnancy.

“If you are interested to take on a more active role in this project including being a member of the steering group, please contact Dr Suresh Victor


Please meet Simone baby Malena who was born after experiencing PPROM at 17 weeks and born at 25 weeks


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