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Amy's story of SCH, PPROM and cord prolapse

In the early hours of the 26th January 2021 I woke to a really sharp pain in my side, I got up to go to the toilet as I did my waters broke. I was 20weeks 6days pregnant. I contacted my local maternity ward and advised to attend maternity. My worst fears were now my reality I was told it was indeed my waters and our beautiful baby girl would probably make her appearance within the next 48 to 72 hours. I remained in the hospital, constantly leaking more fluid and bleeding.

I had bled from the very start of my pregnancy with no known reason. I would pass huge clots and have bleeding every single day. 72 hours had passed and still no sign i was sent home on strict bed rest with 3x visits to the hospital every week.

On my last trip to the hospital they found my CRP markers (infection) were rising. I was immediately transferred to a level 3 hospital with a NICU on hand this was on February the 5th.

On February the 6th at 6am I was woken so my bloods could be taken I was then shown around the ward, I explained to the midwife I felt like I had a burning sensation no pain just a burning uncomfortable feeling. The midwife asked me to go do a urine sample.

As I went to the toilet I stood in sheer disbelief and shock as to what was happening. I had gone for a wee stood and the umbilical cord was coming out, I pulled the panic button and every medical profession on that floor came into the toilet I was placed on a bed in a all 4 position where the most wonderful of midwives did what she need to do whilst I was wheeled through the hospital to the labour ward. My husband managed to get to the hospital quickly where I delivered our beautiful Hope Grace sleeping she weighed 420g born at 1711hours on the 6th February at 22weeks 3days.

It was later found I had a sub-chronic hematoma behind the placenta and also diagnosed Lupus anticoagulant. Hope will always be with us. That day and Hope herself has taught us so so much.

  • Little Heartbeats pack that was sent to me at the time my waters broke was unbelievable, I was in the dark completely with what was happening until this pack arrived. This was our third pregnancy so everything was completely out of the blue for us. The pack gave me the confidence to ask the medical professions more questions.


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