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PPROM at 21 weeks - my story of hope by Kerry

I live in Northern Ireland and I was a patient in the Ulster hospital I PPROM on the 2 January 2020 at 21 weeks

I was told then I would go into labour within 24/48 hours and there was nothing they could do as it wasn’t viable, my heart was broken.

I was transferred to the Royal hospital when I got to 24 weeks because Ulster hospital didn’t take babies under 28 weeks gestation in their neonatal department.

So I delivered in the Royal I went into labour myself at 29 weeks.

Baby Ethan was born on 3/3/20 weighing 3lb 8.5oz.

He was in NICU for 7 weeks which was very hard especially when we were called to Ethan bedside to be told he wasn’t going to make it.

But this little boy Ethan was fighting and he is the strongest little boy.

He is 16months 14months corrected and he’s my little miracle baby and I tell people all the time about how he proved these professional's wrong.

I know everyone doesn’t have a positive story but I think professionals need to give you both sides and not just prepare you for losing your baby.

As told by Kerry J


Question from Little Heartbeats to Kerry

Q: What made you decide to progress with your pregnancy ? and did you get one of our information care packs?

Once I found your Facebook page, that gave me hope, reading all the people's stories and it was great receiving your care package with all the information as the hospital give me nothing.

I had no support from my consultant at all and she was very negative the whole time.

It was like she just wanted me to give up on my baby.

Even when I reached 23 weeks one of the paediatrics / neonatal doctors asked me if I wanted to go down the whole NICU route, as with losing my waters at 21 weeks gestation the baby’s lungs would be very undeveloped and the percentage of the baby making it would be very low.


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