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My Story of PPROM Twins, One on Earth, One in my Heart

PPROM at 19 weeks Birth at 26 weeks 2 days

I found out I was pregnant January 31st 2015 had a dating scan in February and found out it was identical twins and I was 8 weeks gone I had my 12 week scan and at 13 weeks had a big bleed so went to a&e they did a scan and said both babies was OK but I had a placental abrasion everything was going OK till at 19 weeks I was watching TV and sneezed and felt a gushing sensation but thought I had wet myself slightly but the gushing continued through the night and next morning so went to Drs who rang labour ward and said I needed to be examined they did some tests and I was admitted to hospital ward for 1 week and was told my waters had ruptured so was on antibiotics and blood tests whilst in hospital was warned I would inevitably go into labour within 72 hours that never happened.

So was released on bed rest and had to go back twice a week for blood tests and monitoring and had fortnightly scans babies was OK found out they was girls at 1 of the scans they said 1 of the babies hearts was a bit large so had to have a heart scan on them at guys and St Thomas hospital in London at 24 weeks managed to carry on with pregnancy till 26 +2 weeks

and had a bleed so went back to the labour ward they kept me in overnight and transferred me to St Peters hospital at 5 am had a scan at 10 am and they told me I was having the babies that day I had 3 hrs to get my other half there they done a emergency c section twin 1 Elena was born at 2.40 pm 26th June 2015 she was blue so had to be resuscitated she weighed 1lb 10oz twin 2 Georgia was born at 2.42pm with the cord wrapped around her neck she weighed 1lb they was iugr and they was both whisked away

I didn't get to see them till around 6pm as had to wait for the epidural to wear off they was both so small sadly Elena had 3 heart attacks and only managed 36hrs.

Georgia was transferred at 2 days old to St George's hospital as she needed an operation on her stomach wall she spent 16 weeks in neonatal units and came home on oxygen she is now 17 months old 13 and half months corrected she is doing well except has mild to moderate hearing loss and is developmentally delayed

Baby Georgia neonatal photo

Baby Georgia now photo, our little miracle

Elena lived for 36 hours and is forever in our hearts

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