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Kyle my angel's 6th birthday - this is our story of PPROM

Thursday 15 November 2012

We had just moved house and were busy decorating the living room when I felt cold and dizzy and felt wet,I went to the bathroom and thought I must have needed a wee , when I came back downstairs I felt I needed to go again so away I went .I felt weird like it wasn't a wee water was trickling from me so I put a pad on and went back downstairs and told my husband who said to phone my midwife.

Answering machine so I phoned my mum who told me to phone the hospital,they wanted me to come in with a pad on,my mum took me as my husband had to pick our son up from nursery and daughter up from school,when I got to the hospital I felt very wet down below ,I had to go change my pad and give a urine sample to the midwife ,there was quite a lot of blood in my sample and pad was completely soaked .

I was showed into a cubicle in the day unit where my mum came with me, 5 mins later I was seen by a midwife who told me I had prom,I had never heard of this and she explained I could go into early labour and needed a scan asap.

During the scan it was confirmed there was no fluid around my baby at all,he was still moving around healthy heartbeat etc.I was 26 weeks into my pregnancy and had suffered quite a lot with the nova virus at 20 weeks and morning sickness right through the day up until 17 weeks this had been my hardest pregnancy of all 3.

I was admitted to the ward and put in a room by myself straight across from the nurses station,I remembered being in that exact room 4 years before when I had my son as they usually put women in them that have had a c section. Anyhow I was told when the doctor came to see me that their was a very high risk of infection and needed antibiotics straight away ,I was allowed to walk about the hospital and use the day room,my mum went home and I was so scared as I didn't really understand why this was happening.

I was kept in over the weekend and my husband came up during the day and my two kids,then aged 4 and 6 went to husbands mum and dads for a few days as my husband and mum were coming to hospital to visit.

Monday the 19 November

The doctor told me I could go home, but I was to take it easy and was at risk of cord falling down, if this happened to go straight back to hospital, the nurses said I could stay if I felt I needed but I had 2 small kids at home that needed me, my son didn't settle at his grans so my sister watched him along with her own 4 kids.

I started having stomach pains low down as I was about to leave hospital the doctor said it must be pelvic pain and booked me in for growth scans every week. My husband's brother picked us up and we went to his mums where I had a cups and picked up my daughter, whilst having pains, I thought it would pass and it did but I should have knew better with this being my 3rd time in labour.

As I had returned home and was having a takeaway for dinner I needed to wee, I went to the loo and passed my mucus plug and pain was getting worse.

My husband phoned an ambulance and my mum to come watch my daughter as my son was having a sleepover at my sisters, they blue lighted me all the way there, on arrival I was given an emergency scan and told baby was breech and in labour, I needed an emergency section ,I asked to be put to sleep for the section.

I just remember being wheeled on a trolley to theatre.

When I awoke I couldn't speak or feel my legs, my husband explained I was given morphine and baby was in neonatal unit and showed me a photo, he was so tiny and covered in tubes. The doctor explained that he had to go over my previous c section scar as he had to get baby out quickly and their was a lot of scar tissue from my previous section,I was taken to the NICU in my hospital bed to see my tiny baby, pink and covered in tubes and a CPAP he also had jaundice. I was taken back to the single room where I was helped to shower as I had a catheter fitted.

I couldn't sleep that night I was able to go down in a wheelchair the next day to see him where the doc told us Kyle was very poorly and they had resuscitated him and he was stable.

My mum came to see him and burst out crying as her first son was born at 27 weeks and died of a brain haemorrhage.

Our baby son fought so hard ,he had 2 full blood transfusions and a 3rd half transfusion,I spent most days in the NICU as I wasn't allowed home due to an infection which had also covered my placenta but they didn't know if it was caused with strep b as I was diagnosed as a carrier whilst pregnant with Kyle.

On the Wednesday night the nurse told me someone from the NICU was coming up to see me, where I was told Kyle had a massive bleed haemorrhage from his lungs and they were working on him and had managed to stabilise him I went down to see h and gently touched his hand and spoke to him,it was like a roller coaster one minute he was doing great they took him of CPAP and onto the ventilator then back to CPAP.

I was having trouble expressing so had to sign a form for Kyle to get breast milk from the breast bank, as he was on bags of nutrients.

My milk finally came through and I was shown how to express with a breast pump. My daughter was allowed into the NICU as she was 6 but unfortunately as she was waiting to go in she was sick in the waiting room so couldn't get into the NICU.

Family visited and the rules were one visitor with his parents at a time.

Monday 26 November 2012

I was allowed home I couldn't wait too see my 2 kids at home but felt so guilty at leaving my son. My husband had arranged to go up on the Tuesday with my breast milk and I would go up on the Wednesday, that was not to be .

At 10.30pm the phone rang we had just went to bed to be told the dreaded news Kyles heart beat was slowing down could we go to the hospital.An hour later we arrived to the doctor trying to ready irate Kyle but I knew he had gone.

I nodded my head and the doctor stopped.

We held Kyle and spent time with him, my husband dad and brother and my mum said goodnight to him, he died of a blood clot on his pulmonary artery aged 1 week .

I can remember every detail like yesterday as my son was ten on 14 November, it was the day after his 4th birthday his waters broke the doctor's said they don't know why and it shouldn't happen again but it did with baby Ryan at 14 weeks where I had to have a medical termination and went on to have another miscarriage at 8 weeks.

Both my boys share a resting place at our local cemetery,not a day goes by when we don't think of him and what if and why? Kyle Shane Steele 19/11/12 to 26/11/12 safe in gods garden with his younger brother Ryan Kyle Steele 14/10/14

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