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Little Heartbeats baby vests

Little Heartbeats personalise Baby Vests as modelled by Jax PPROM miracle


  • £12 each including packing, postage and Paypal fees

  • or £20 for two including packing, postage and Paypal fees

  • International postage extra £5

  • order via email to (dot between little and heartbeats)

When ordering please confirm;-

1. Size

2. Qty

3. Name of baby you wish to have on vest

4. Name and postage address

Pay via PayPal as a friend

(dot between little and heartbeats)


pay via our PayPal link

You can also purchase an adult T-shirt with same design with the words

“I am Pprom aware“

for £18 plus £4.50 postage

international post £5 extra on top of the above prices

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