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For our beautiful baby Mia-Rose Greene.

There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this World.

You taught us how to fight another day and you will be in our thoughts and hearts forever and a day.

Your life will not be in vain, because of you and your legacy, we will be able to help support other families going through PPROM and continue to create awareness for this condition through raising money for Little-Heartbeats.

Our 186 miles walk of The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path raised over £4000 pounds, we would like to thank Hannah for initiating the project and everyone who joined us along the journey, who supported us, sent love and who have donated.

We would also like to thank....

* Jenny & Phil Hart for raising £245 from selling plants and collecting money from neighbours.

* Milford Haven Tesco and their customers for raising £526.

* Our family, friends, colleagues & clients who have donated £580.

* Western Power for donating £1000.

* Ashley Howard competing in Staffordshire Iron-man 2021 in memory of Mia-Rose.

* Toby at Pure West Radio for interviewing Little Heartbeats and playing their song "Where's There's a Heartbeat, There's Hope"

* Country Living Group Estate Agents for choosing Little-Heartbeats as there chosen charity for their Golf Charity Day which will take place on Friday 6th August.

Little-Heartbeats help families like ours who are going through a PPROM pregnancy in hope it helps saves future babies lives. Regardless of the outcome they provide advocacy, mentorship and support through their PPROM journey and care an awful lot about the families who endure this pregnancy condition and support them beyond their outcomes.

The funds collected will be divided between Little Heartbeats work with their care information packs which they provide to families who endure PPROM and we will go towards medical research to hopefully one day treat this condition


Any one who wishes to donate still, you can do here,

Please see link for information about the Little Heartbeats care packs...


From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Ciara at Little Heartbeats for her ongoing support and advice, friends we have made through the support group, our family and friends for their love and to everyone who has donated or shared our story creating more awareness of this condition and helping to raise money for the charity.

Dedicated to our little Mia-Rose Greene. Mummy, Daddy and your big Brother Logan love you to the moon and back.



The reason why we did this is as our wording on our go fund page is as follows,

From the 24th May Hannah & Anne-Marie will be walking the full 186 miles of Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from North to South starting from St Dogmaels, in memory of Anne-Marie & Nathan's late daughter Mia-Rose Greene, who sadly was born sleeping at 23 weeks gestation due to suffering Oligohydramnios from Preterm pre-labour rupture of the membranes (PPROM) this year.

Their chosen charity is Little Heartbeats PPROM, because of everything they did for Anne-Marie & Nathan whilst going through their difficult time but also for the charities continued search for a treatment for this condition, to change the way this condition is treated and to educate people of PPROM.

Preterm pre-labour rupture of membranes (PPROM) is rare and complicates up to 3% of pregnancies and is associated with 30-40% of preterm births. In this condition, the sac (amniotic membrane) surrounding the baby breaks (ruptures) before week 37 of pregnancy. Anne-Marie sadly experienced this at 16 weeks and here is her story which she would like to share in the hope to create awareness of this rare condition and to help raise money for this amazing charity. Hopefully, one day something will be developed to treat this condition, so other families do not have to go through the same heartache.

I found out I was pregnant on the 22nd October, myself and my husband were absolutely overjoyed, it was the most magical feeling knowing we would have another child and our son would have a little brother or sister.

During my early pregnancy I experienced blood loss and noticed things felt different to my first pregnancy, after repeat visits with midwifes, doctors and hospitals, all seemed fine with the baby and they couldn't see any reason as to why I was experiencing these problems. However, on the 16th February at 16 weeks and 6 days, I experienced heavy fluid loss, I didn’t know at the time but this was my membranes rupturing (waters breaking), I rushed up to Glangwilli, 40 minutes away as Withybush do not have the services for prenatal. I was told I had suffered severe Oligohydramnios, following pre term pre labour rupture of membranes (PPROM) and that within 48 hours I would lose our baby as she had little to no measurable fluids. My whole world felt like it was falling around me.

Oligohydramnios refers to a low level of amniotic fluid during pregnancy. It is defined by an amniotic fluid index that is below the 5th centile for the gestational age, and is thought to affect approximately 4.5% of term pregnancies

I was on my own in hospital, because of Covid restrictions, my husband couldn’t be with me. After what seemed like a lifetime of sitting on my own, staring through blurred teared vision at the clock on the wall, wondering how the hell this has happened to us, my husband arrived. I had to explain everything that I had been told, most of which I didn’t understand myself. I stayed in hospital 3 days in total, waiting for something to happen but it didn’t. The baby still had a strong heartbeat, there was little to no measurable fluid around her but she was still strong. During these days we searched online, as information was minimal from the hospital and we were only told to expect the worst. But we weren’t going to give up…after scouring the internet looking for something to give us that little glimmer of hope, we found Little Heartbeats. They were our savour, Ciara, the founder was so supportive and informative and gave us the hope we needed to continue on. She told us ‘while there is a heartbeat there is hope’, I will never forget those words. That’s what kept us fighting for a further 6 weeks.

For over 6 weeks I was on bedrest only moving to wash, for hospital appointments or to sit on the sofa for a change of scenery. Without the support of my husband, family, friends and Little Heartbeat Facebook Forum, I wouldn’t have got through this very difficult time. I really am forever grateful. On the 31st March, we were due to see our Neo Natal Consultant in Singleton to discuss a care plan for our baby but I woke in pain as contractions began. We drove to Singleton Hospital, 1 hour and 30 minutes away, whilst I was still contracting, hoping this wasn’t what we thoughy it was and that they could do something for us to stop the contractions and save our baby. But when we got there we were told there was no heartbeat. That feeling I experienced of the world falling around me happened for a second time, it was absolutely heartbreaking. At 4.05pm after 2 hours in labour I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl Mia-Rose Greene at just 23 weeks gestation. She weighed 13 ounces, she was tiny but perfectly formed.

We said our forever goodbyes on 16th April at Narberth Crematorium in a small beautiful service with just myself and my husband. She will forever be in our hearts, if anything, she has made me realise what is important in life…Loving those most precious around you and making the most of life. Mia-Rose didn’t ever get to experience the outside world, she will forever be an angel who will be loved for eternity. Everything I do, I do with her in my heart, and she will always be a part of our life.

During our experience, the staff of Withybush, Glangwilli and Singleton were amazing, however we had hoped to have been given more information on this condition. We understood it was very serious and the outlook looked bleak but we were never given information as to how to deal with everything. Little Heartbeats sent us a care pack with lots and lots of detailed information about the condition and advice on what we could do to continue the pregnancy for as long as possible to give the baby the best chance. As well as a thoughtful little bear we could record our babys heartbeat and some selfcare goodies to get through the bedrest. The idea of having a termination was never an option in our eyes, we were determined to do what we could for her and let nature make the final decision. This is one thing I will never regret.

I hope by raising money for Little Hearbeats they can continue to help other families going through the same thing and continue to change how medical professionals treat this condition by providing more education on the condition, so it can be better managed and hopefully one day something can be developed to repair the sac to increase the chances of babies survival in these circumstances.

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* Listen to the founder of Little Heartbeats on Pure West Radio


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