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KM Lowes Auction

First of all, let me thank you for your kind donation(s) to my upcoming Little Heartbeats auction between the 2nd and 4th September.

As you know, Little Heartbeats is our chosen charity (non profit charitable organisation). It's a charity close to my heart, and in difficult times right now, every penny raised is going to make a huge difference to Little Heartbeats.

It will allow them to continue their crusade to raise as much awareness for PPROM in early pregnancy, it will also allow them to advocate for more mums and their families going through this horrible condition. By raising awareness, we hope that it will potentially save many babies lives and stop families from suffering a terrible grief.

Trust me that grief never gets easier, unfortunately.


Auction list...

This is full itinerary for the weekend, the lots, and anything else you might need to know. If you need to know anything else, please just get in touch. I'll be available all week. ❤️

Auction Start Date - 2nd September

Auction End Date - 4th September

(All monies for each lot will have to be paid no later than 10 a.m. on the Monday morning (5th September). If payment isn't made, we'll go to the next bidder. This is my third auction and we've never had to do that so I'm hoping that will remain the case this time, too.

Join Kelly's Auction group here....

Kelly's Crazy Crew | Facebook (Please feel free to share the auction with your readers)


This is a little video from the founder of Little Heartbeats telling you a little bit about the charity, why she set it up, and what she aims to achieve


Friday 2nd September

  • 10 a.m. - Introduction post/video (It depends on what I'm brave enough to do. lol)

  • 10.15 - lot 1 - Custom Cover by Francessca Wingfield

  • 10.20 - lot 2 - Signed paperback of Forbidden Love by KM Lowe

  • 10.25 - lot 3 - Signed hardback copy of Den of Vipers an Den of Vipers by K.A Knight

  • 10.30 - lot 4 - Signed Paperback copy of Love At The Lottie By Toya Richardson

  • 10.35 - lot 5 - up to a 50k edit by Karen Sanders editing

  • 10.40 - lot 6 - up to 50k Alpha Reading by T.S Arthur

  • 10.45 - lot 7 - Signed paperback copy of Club Rife and New Life by C.H Thomas

  • 10.50 - lot 8 - Signed copy of Breathe Again by Samantha Lewis

  • 10.55 - lot 9 - Unsigned 4x copies of The Standby by K.A Knight

  • 11.00 - lot 10 - Signed Paperback by KM Lowe

  • lot 11 - eBook Bundle by T.S Arthur

  • 11.10 - lot 12 - Signed Paperback copy of Pit Lane by C.H Thomas

  • 11.15 - lot 13 - A pair of Tales On Trent tickets for the 2023 signing donated by Claire Birkin

  • 11.20 lot 14 - Queen Of independence (signed bookplate) by Karen frances donated by Pauline Cassie

  • 11.25- lot 15 - 4x ebook bundles of The Forbidden Duet by KM Lowe

  • 11.30 - lot 16 - Signed copies Of My Triple Trouble Series by VH Nicholson (3 books)

  • 11.35 - lot 17 - signed copy of Witches Choice and Pink crystal necklace by Natalie-Nicole Bates

  • 11.40 - lot 18 - Jaynes Beanie Tabe, set of 2 corner bookmarks

  • 11.45 - lot 19 - Signed paperback of River Runs Red by Kay Elle Parker

  • 11.50 - lot 20 - Signed copy of The Guardian Shifters colouring book by KM Lowe

  • 11.55 - lot 21 - 4x 30 min tutoring sessions donated by Pauline Cassie

  • 12.00 - lot 22 - Adult Colouring Book and Pencils donated by Kay elle Parker

  • 12.05 - lot23 - Signed copy of Heart Of Baker Bay by Danielle Jacks

  • 12.10 - lot 24 - Signed Copy of Fly For me by Kay Elle Parker

  • 12.15 - lot 25 - A signed paperback by KM Lowe donated by Helena Hoorne

  • 12.20 - lot 26 - signed copy of Letters At Christmas by Marie Godley

  • 12.25 - lot 27 - Signed Copy of Power Bound by Marie Godley

  • 12.30 - lot 28 - Signed copy of Janalya by Marie Godley

  • 12.35 - lot 29 - 3x eBook bundles of Shawland Security by KM Lowe

  • 12.40 - lot 30 - A Signed copy of Different Wings by Marie Godley

  • 12.45 - lot 31 - A signed copy of Jesnia by Marie Godley

  • 12.50 - lot 32 - Jaynes Beanie Tabs - set of 2 Christmas corner bookmarks

  • 12.55 - lot 33 - Karen Frances Book Bestie Sleeve donated by Pauline Cassie

  • 1300 - End of lots.

If any last-minute donations come in, then I'll add them to the end of this. 🙂 The last time we had a couple of last-minute donations on the Friday and I scheduled them for the Saturday. If the same happens to happen this year, then the same will happen again.

Sunday 4th September

All lots will be closed at 12p.m.

All donations will be deposited directly to Little Heartbeats

At the end when ALL donations are made to the link i will post the final total in the group. Now, because I will fundraise all year for Little Heartbeats these links never close.

Monday 5th September

By Monday 5th September, should see us raising a glass to whatever amount is raised. Like I said above, every penny counts for this cause.

With all that said, I look forward to the weekend. This couldn't happen without out all your amazing donations. ❤️

Kind regards,

Kelly Lowe


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