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Kristen"s Story of Pprom

Kristen story of PPROM

I was 40 years old when I found out I was pregnant with Chai.

Due to a previous surgery, my uterus was filled with scar tissue, making a successful pregnancy look far fetched.

It was such a rarity that even my high risk doctors had only heard of a few cases like mine. But I was determined to do whatever I could to give my baby a chance....

Pregnancy started with spotting, which had been expected considering my circumstances. His heartbeat remained strong though .

As the pregnancy progressed, I had severe amounts of pain due to his growth and scar tissue stretching.... a small price to pay for my baby...

At my 20 week ultrasound I was so hopeful. I had it made it halfway!

Then on October 13th 2016 at 3:30 PM, while at work, I felt that gush... the one any of us that have had pprom have nightmares about... I had just turned 21 weeks...

I rushed to my local doctor...where they confirmed what i already knew.... My water had broken at 21 weeks...

The doctors met with each other and called hospitals in two different large cities to ask input from high risk physicians.

After that conversation, they came into my room and said.

"There is nothing we can do, you should just go home and wait to miscarry"

I was devastated... Why had I gotten this far to lose my baby?

Because of my "imperfect uterus" and "Elderly maternal status" ( their words, not mine😁)

I decided that if I was going to lose this baby, I wanted to be near family and in a larger hospital. After all, my health had to be considered too... I had 2 other children to think of.

I drove 4 hours to a major hospital where the doctor said "I advise termination"... Not the words i wanted to hear. I immediately said No. She looked me in the eyes and replied " your choice could be life threatening " to which I came back with " in my opinion, termination is life threatening too"

So that was it.

They sent me home until 23 weeks when I could be admitted. My son was named Chai on this day because it means life and no matter the outcome, his life mattered.

The longest 2 weeks of my life ( as many of you know too well)

At 23 weeks, I moved into my new "home " I was there until 32+4 when Chai decided to enter the world not breathing...

The first few days were touch and go... but then he made a huge turnaround... And today he is a very healthy 3 year old. And then.... my 1 in a million pregnancy became 2 in a million..

My pregnancy with my daughter was just as rocky, hospitalized for short periods throughout. She was named Evika at 21 weeks when I had a big bleed because it means life as well. And then at 2:30 am on February 2 2018, I felt that gush again. I went straight to the bigger hospital because this time I was 26+5 and already at viability. Evika was born at 32 weeks with a loud cry.

Little Heartbeats was there from the day I found out what PPROM meant. They gave me hope when the medical professional didn't.

Family isnt always by blood... family is people that are there for you when it's tough, when you need to cry, when you are scared. This group became family during that time.... as I know they have for many other mommas fighting all odds to bring their babies home 💜💜

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