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Our Little Heartbeats Mascot Sinead.....

Meet our Little Heartbeats Mascot Sinead.....

Who want's to go around the World and see how many families and places we can get to this September? and make our voices be heard

All we ask is that once you receive our mascot Sinead, is to take a photo or video at Landmarks of your destination.

  • Include our PPROM flyer and one of Daddy's with Angels, because they inspired us to do this.

  • Share your photos with us here on our blog.

  • Then once done, write in the card we send you with your name and location and your PPROM miracle or angel name, and simply send to the next family.

  • All we ask is you pay for the postage and packing and sign the card we send with this.

Post your photos in the comments below and send them in to our Facebook page here;-

Our Little Heartbeats Mascot Sinead I'm PPROM aware and we want you to be too

Who wants to be the first?

Who can help make Sinead's legacy live on?

Because of Sinead, Little Heartbeats exists and the PPROM information care pack was created! A well thought out pack for the love of our families, to help them make informed choices and empower them to know more about PPROM in pregnancy. (PPROM is the medical word for when your waters break early in pregnancy)

It would mean so much if you can all join in. Our mission has taken lots of hard work, passion and determination and many years later since losing our daughter Sinead we have sent over 800 information packs Worldwide.

So lets say thanks to Sinead.

Anyone who wishes to donate towards our FREE information pack

#littleheartbeats #ppromsurvors #ppromangels thanks to #daddyswithangels whose founder inspired us to do this

If you like to take part private message with your address

More about our packs can be seen here;-

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Sinead is in Canada spending time with Vanessa and her son. They have been at the butterfly park as well as other trips!



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Sinead made it to Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and joined us at the Sudbury Santa Claus parade ❤️

#PPROM #littleheartbeats #sineadaroundtheworld

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Sinead has had a great trip to Llangollen. Here she is at the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, the highest canal in the world! She has also been up in the hills overlooking Llangollen and met Jane and Ali's welsh cob (pony) Max. They are the family of little angel Indy Townend, and another 10 stars in the sky. Sinead met Sunny who is Indy's brother and they've had a great time together. We love you Sinead! xx

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Sinead is on the gold coast, queensland, got to see the fastest rollercoasters in the southern hemisphere!

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Upon arriving back home we were greeted by curious whitetail deer in our yard. They wanted to be a part of Sinead’s journey around the world too!

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