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Our PPROM Song music video

One the 15th April 2020 our first Little Heartbeats song was released on

Sinead's 10th anniversary to help raise awareness of PPROM in pregnancy, which is when your waters break early in pregnancy before 37 weeks.

Our song is called: "Where There's a Heartbeat There's Hope"

And today on my birthday 22nd April 2020, we present Little Heartbeats music video,

which is to help raise awareness of this life changing condition.

Thank you to our amazing families who took part.

We would ask anyone reading this if you can help us....

1. Help us make this video be seen by at least 10,000 people, as someone right now is going through PPROM in pregnancy, and we do not want our pregnant mums to be alone.

2. Help us get into the top 100 of the charts, by Downloading our song from here

and help us raise funds.

And if anyone wants to join in our awareness campaign, if you could all do this...

Review our song on the likes of Amazon.

After you purchased our song, make us your video using either the sign of hope or the hand heartbeating sign, then sign into our website blog and post your video to show the World that this happens to lots of families Worldwide.

When sharing our video, ensure you share our download link and ask at least one of your friends to buy our special PPROM song

Twitter users, our Twitter account is please take the time to follow us and retweet the famous folk who we would love them to listen to our song, and use the hashtags

Don't forget to like, comment and share this post and help us be seen on social media

* Nicolle Rochelle:


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